Saturday, February 26, 2005

Language -- PC and Other Offenses

By no means would I attempt to light, let alone hold, a candle to William Safire's weekly column in the newspaper whose name shall not be written by my hand on this blog, regarding the use and abuse of various elements of the English language. However, there are few more bothersome assaults on sight and sound than the mangling of the mother tongue, in speech and, worse, in writing.

Most of these offenses are committed deliberately in the name of the religious tenets of the Church of Political Correctness (CPC). The rest are manifestations of intellectual laziness and ignorance, the latter being the least bothersome because they are committed by people who are not lazy intellectually or otherwise.

And as usual I will devote the time and space necessary to complete my ranting. It may be a lot...or it may not. Nether Land contributors may not find too much controversy under this topic....But I'll try.

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