Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Million Dollar Baby

Mike, I must ask, for you knew it would eventually be coming...

What did you think of the Eastwood film (winner of this year's best picture) Million Dollar Baby? If you haven't seen it yet, I don't want to give away the story. But it involves a controversial and political issue that comes as a bit of a shock in a boxing movie. I can't say that I loved the film as much as the Academy, but it has certainly left a little hole in my brain that doesn't seem to want to heal. Thoughts?


Mike Netherland said...

Movies...for me are in three categories: Heavy-machinegun-fire-Action, Laugh-til-you-can't-breath Comedies; and, Illegal-for-sale-to-minors Dramas.

I have heard some commentary on the euthenasia subplot. It's an issue that many people have had to face personally and it must be nothing less than soul searing. I don't know why a dramatization of the issue should be any more or less controversial than, say, the incest-based plot of Chinatown,.

Barb said...

Sweetie, when you've seen the film then we can talk. Until then, it is simply an exercise in futility. It is more than a film about euthanasia or boxing, it is kind of like a knock out punch...which really goes along with the genre. It isn't about a political thing, and I believe it got the awards because of the acting, specifically Hillary Swank's acting. Okay, it does reek of Hollywood, to some degree, but it also moves a bit from there. Interesting, painful, might be worth seeing. I don't think it is a film that should be compared to Chinatown, because it is completely different.