Saturday, April 23, 2005

Train Pals -- Introduction


Train Pals Page
Dedicated to those enduring passengers of Odenton

(These pages were done back in the late '90s after I felt I had paid my dues and was allowed to begin commenting on my life. Also, I had just discovered that I had free web space and started to experiment with it. So I thought I would, for nostalgia, post these early contributions to the blogosphere)

WELCOME to the first exciting and interesting feature site that I have decided to host using the meager 5 MB of space that gives to any fool willing to buy from them a year's worth of Internet services.

After observing the full range of human emotion directed at and around the train for ten-odd years, I find it downright amazing that I'm the first to start a MARC commuter web site, "For MARC commuters, by MARC commuters," (If you find that I'm not actually the first, keep it to yourself. OK? Don't burst my bubble.).