Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The next generation

Mike, I hate to tell you this, but you will become relegated to Cheney status in three years if you continue with this rant.

Keep in mind that there is a generation that has come of age as you rant and complain about whatever it is that your right wing agenda has in mind, and this new generation is ripe to vote soon.

In fact, your arguments about drilling in Alaska, teacher unions, or even about abortion rights in your state may become moot. For there is a much more pressing concern for this new generation who is just now getting their feet on the ground. It's called THE WAR.

Mike, you do not have a son or daughter serving there, or a husband dying there, do you? How many in Bush's inner circle do? But there are plenty of people outside of the beltway who do. And this new generation, my daughter's generation, is forming their own opinions of Bush and his lies that got us into this war, and they are not going conservative, Mr. Netherland. A new liberalism is being born. There's a change in the wind these days, I hate to tell you. But feel it, see it and realize it. This new generation came of age watching Bush lie to the American people about why we had to go to war with Iraq, and they are ALSO the generation who went there, died there, got maimed there, and came home from there, one way or another, and have been seen saying, "hey, this ain't what we thought we were going for."

Watching Cheney's chief of staff get indicted for leaking the name of the CIA operative who was married to the ambassador who tried to expose some of the Iraq-WMD lies has only added fuel to the fire. It is not just the current views of OUR generation that the right wing has to worry about. It is the up and coming generation that will take them down.

Watching the victims of Katrina struggling and dying in that sports arena, while Brown dusted off his new suits and emailed pals about them, makes America sick.

Watching Bush nominate his own damn lawyer for Supreme Court Justice makes America sick.

Watching Bush and Cheney sweep wrongdoings and lies under the rug in regards to prewar intelligence and Libby's leaking CIA names makes America sick.

This administration has spent their "election capital" all right. They've spent it to the hilt.

We are all now broke.

The next election is coming, not soon enough for many, but just in time for this next generation to galvanize their opinions on the Bush administration and the power of the right wing.


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