Sunday, December 31, 2006

On Language - Democrat and Hanged

To all conservative bloggers:
I am proposing a New Year's resolution for those conservatives among us who offer our opinions to general public via various forms of mass media:

Saddam Hussein was sentenced to HANG by the neck until dead. Yesterday, shortly before 6 a.m. Baghdad time, Saddam Hussein was HANGED. OK? Not hung. Please, let's not give moonbats and the otherwise lazy-minded any more base material from which to draw by using the proper terminolgy, hmmmmm?

Also, can we PLEASE resolve to NOT to use the word Democrat as an adjective? It really does make you look stupid. Look into the mirror and say "Democrat plans," or "Democrat talking points." See how stupid you look? And by association you make the rest of us conservatives look stupid, too. There is an added bonus by using the adjective 'Democratic' properly. You don't have to keep qualifying the word in speech by say: "...with a captial D."

Mike Netherland

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