Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Great Coup

Well it appears the great coup long predicted on RedMaryland and, yes, by Brian Griffiths was not to be. If we are to believe the reportage by Michael Swartz on the Monoblogue of the events of the Fall Convention, there wasn't a peep from all those Executive Committee members who were supposedly sharpening their knives and burning for regime change.

Not a word was heard from those so deeply concerned about the "competence" of the current leadership. All we have is Brian Griffiths himself, the only member of this crew with a ounce of self-respect and the conviction to use his real name and stand by his assertions. He will, unfortunately, be left twisting in the wind by the rest of the gang, who, true form so far will deny ever knowing Mr. Griffiths. We'll probably never know who they are unless they slip up and inadvertently identify themselves in their anonymous comments they leave on RedMaryland posts.

The anonymous commenters have accused me of being insufficiently "involved" in state or county politics to be a qualified observer, let alone critic. They want to know how many doors have I knocked on, how many signs have I waved, how many voter registrations have I collected. My answer is: As many as time and opportunity would allow, I suppose. I have supported conservative Republican candidates and elected officials in the best way I know how. I joined the Elephant Club and revamped its website, adding all of its content and used it to support candidates. I started the Elephant Club list on yahoo and presided over many a great debate. I designed a few websites for local candidates and asked nothing in return.

And, apparently, I don't really know what a political party is supposed to do. Well I am convinced that the party needs to set the political tone and to communicate it throughout the state. People need to know what a Republican is and that the ideology of the Republican Party is and should be conservatism. It is conservatism that resonates with those voters who affiliate themselves with the GOP. And it is those voters who need to see their conservatism in action, in word and deed. When this happens, when the conservative tone is clear and unambiguous, it draws people to it. When Republicans dissemble and use the politically correct lexicon of the left, it is transparent and it is sickening. People turn their backs on just another empty suited, blow-dried politician. They don't vote. They don't defend the party and they certainly don't contribute money.

And, I know what a political party is NOT supposed to do. It is NOT supposed to be an embarrassment to its members every time the leadership opens its collective mouth. It is NOT supposed to honor Democrats at Lincoln Day dinners. And its would-be leaders are NOT supposed to name Democratic delegates as Delegate of the Year. So far under Jim Pelura's watch this has not happened. I would expect to read about John Flynn's resignation the day after it does happen, God forbid.

Mike Netherland
Severna Park


Anonymous said...

As fine a summary of conservative values and principles as this raggy-a__County has been subjected to in a long while. As one who has joined Mike knocking on doors, waving campaign signs, marching in 4th of July parades, writing letters to the editors,hustling petitions, working the GOP booth at county fair's,and...well, you should get the picture.

See you at the polls, Mike.
Bill Netherland
Sewverna Park

Joan said...

Mike has been very involved with the political arena for several years. He has done sign waving and door knocking for many candidates. Mike has supported many Republicans over the years. Mike is a true Republican who deeply cares about the Republican Party in the State of Maryland.

Anonymous said...

Mike has always been around politics and helping spread the word on Republican candidates and issues. He's worked at fairs, booths and all kinds of things to get the word out for fellow Republicans. Mike is a true Republican and only wants the best for the Republican party. We are lucky to have him!

Mike Netherland said...

Oh..please're embarassing me! I haven't done anything, really. When I've blown my family fortune on a run for office, then, and only then, can I think myself worthy of such praise.

David K. Kyle said...

When you do run please use a different picture.

Mike Netherland said...

"When"? Not "If"? OK David, when I do run, I'll need a savvy campaign manager. Interested? At least someone who'll arrange for makeovers and mugshots.

hocomd said...

Mike, why Fred in 2008. I am undecided. Maybe you can post a essay on why you support him? I would be interested.

Mike Netherland said...

OK...Look for a "Why Fred?" essay this weekend. I am hosting the Carnival so I'll make that the warm up posting!

By the way, Tell Jim that my wife was raised in Sharon, Pa. We'll be heading back there after Christmas for a visit!