Tuesday, February 19, 2008

"Not My Shower"

"A resident, Lisa G., wrote to the Council: "From what I'm reading, the person with gender identity confusion is being protected by what she or he FEELS he or she is. So, if I'm in a bathroom all by myself late at night, and a man walks in, I am supposed to be okay with this? This is truly unbelievable, and I'm embarrassed that Montgomery County is even spending its time on this piece of nonsense."

For anyone not familiar with what is happening in Montgomery County, please visit the Citizens for Responsible Government at the link above. This group's seemingly tireless pursuit of social norms in MC is what faces us all when we compromise. This is what happens, as I wrote in my last post, when we fail to meet liberal encroachment on what we take for granted as normal. Poof! It's gone. Ask Theresa Rickman whether she would have preferred her political "leaders" to have stood their ground years ago in defense of common decency and common sense instead of working like mad now and for the past several months in a petition drive keep the gender-challenged out of Lisa G's public bathroom.

THIS is what happens when we rationalize our weakness as "growing the party" or as proving that the GOP is a Big Tent party. Or by endorsing "Republicans" like Gilchrest and Connie Morella.

The only good thing that will come of this monumental effort is that we will NEVER have a "Republican" like Ms Morella or one such Mr. Gilchrest in Congress again and that these Montgomery County conservatives will force some spine into their "Republican" leaders and would-be state and county lawmakers.

Time is running out, though. By the time you read this, the CRG will need to have collected another 500 signatures to place the law allowing "men" into the public restrooms and shower facilities with your wife, mother, daughters and granddaughters, on the November ballot for a referendum. If you know anybody in Montgomery County, contact them NOW and see that they sign the petition. If they don't know why or what's at stake, explain it as I have done here or send them to the CRG site.

Our hats off to you Theresa and Michelle and everyone involved. We anxiously await news of your success!

Mike Netherland
Severna Park

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