Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Saving the Party - Part I

Ok, this is going to sound really simple. My solution for all the problems we face as a nation and as a Party:

1. Have all the Republicans vote like Republicans.
2. Elect more REAL Republicans. If you are not sure what a real Republican is, chances are you are in the wrong party, like Wayne Gilchrest's top advisers.

None of the measures you can dream up will do any good unless you start showing that YOU are SERIOUS. You, me, Newt, can all think of a million policies that would benefit this nation. But none of them has a snowball's chance with Wayne Gilchrest and his ilk still voting and our minority leader campaigning for them! No, the solutions need to start with a baseline of party principle. We need to show the party faithful and the American people that we are serious. Dead serious. Here are three things Congress can do NOW:

1. John Boehner needs to step down or be forced out, sent packing, etc.
2. The new minority leader needs to put Jeff Flake and other real Republicans on the Appropriations Committee and otherwise "reward bad behavior."
3. The NRCC needs to BUTT OUT of Primary campaigns. You people do not have what it takes to back the right horse. Send your money to the Club for Growth instead. DO it. Do it Here. Do it Now! Anything less and you are just blowing smoke.

For all those conservatives of all ages, in and out of office; business "leaders;" Chambers of Commerce and bloggers deluded into thinking they are leading a conservative "movement" that is vulnerable to attack by the liberals:

STOP using the Politically Correct lexicon of the Left. There is nothing more sickening than to hear conservative commentators tripping all over their Political Correctness. The sad part is that as each generation is indoctrinated by the liberal "teaching" institutions, the more difficult it becomes. The Left invented the multicultural pap and we should eschew it.

For example, I have never read a column by Thomas Sowell, whose writing and opinions are highly respected among conservatives and liberals alike, in which he uses the term "African American." Until I and my family are referred to as Serbo-Arab-Irish-German-Americans, I will continue to refer to blacks as blacks when and if a racial qualifier is required. And I expect my political leaders, especially those who call themselves conservatives to do likewise.
And what does African American mean? The last time I checked, Africa was a huge continent made of hundreds of different countries. Can white people from South Africa and Zimbabwe be called African Americans? Can Arabs from Egypt to Morocco be called African Americans? Get back to me on this one.

Similarly, the Left has all but succeded in eliminating the differences between the sexes. There are no more firemen or spokesmen, or chairmen (At least the men and woman in blue have managed to keep their sexual identities. I have yet to hear "policeperson." This is another unintended benefit of being an armed force.) I can't wait to hear the PC term for Alderman. Alderperson? There are no more stewardesses, or waitresses or actresses. What happended? Well there are books and books on this matter. The point is we can and we should bring them back. I listened to Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee tonight in the same breath, refer to Rep. Henry Waxman as "the Chairperson" and then, after realizing Waxman is a man, decided it was PC to refer to him as the Chairman of a committee.

Now comes Enviro-speak. I am shocked at how quickly so-called conservatives have succumbed to this latest fad of liberalism. "Greenhouse Gas" is now a term of science. Soon it will take its place on the Periodic Table of elements. I just saw a science documentary on the formation of the Earth. The planet was periodically a ball of ice and a tropical paradise, for billions of years, when the most sophisticated creature on earth had one cell and a little tail that it used to go after littler creatures! The scientists interviewed for the program lectured us that periodic warming and cooling was a natural process! Yet these same scientists, after the interview, went back to painting their "Stop Global Warming, Now" placards to wave in protest of plans to build an oil refinery or feed an oil commodity speculator.

STOP with the running side-show of alternate energy sources: "bio-fuels, solar, wind, geothermal." You don't have to show that you know at least four of the most-hyped alternate energy sources. You don't need a sexual-orientation-style disclaimer (everytine I see that litanny I always think: gay, lesbian, bi, transsexual, both, neither and, all of the above). You're not going to hurt anyone's feelings if you leave them out or just call them "other."

The prescriptions in this post are easy to follow for those with brains and spines and courage. Take two and call me in the morning.

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Anonymous said...

Spot on, Mike!
I hope you give this the widest possible distribution. This is the kind of strategy that will require cojones to implement and your right, we dont's have those folks in place today.

Bill Netherland (Dad)
Severna Park