Thursday, November 13, 2008

'State Republicans Fired up'? Really?

'Fired Up for Steele,' is the headline from a recent blog post regarding Michael Steele's potential run at the Republican National Committee chairmanship. Truthfully, it really doesn't matter who chairs that moribund body. Of course we all wish Mr. Steele well. And we real Republicans (those would be the Western Shore variety who voted against SLOTS and for Andy Harris, you know, those with a functioning brain stem) will take a certain amount of pride in seeing a local pol rise to a prominent if largely figurehead position.

But the RNC is peopled by the folks who foisted upon us John McCain; by the folks who thought it was a good idea to make over Sarah Palin with designer duds and dos, then leak it to the press and watch her twist in the wind; and finally who thought the folks hired to"help" Gov. Palin debate and campaign against the slickest political duo to come down the pike since Hill and Billary Clinton were loyal Republicans instead of the self-serving charlatans they turned out to be.

And Michael Steele, you may recall, stumped for Wayne Gilchrest. Yeah. Please explain that one, Mr. Steele. What does that stand, against most Republicans in District 1, portend for a Steele chairmanship of the RNC?

So like I said, it really doesn't matter (Geeze, I sound like my father-in-law!) who runs the RNC. They will plod along, blind and deaf to the party's conservative wing who will continue to desert them in droves in search of more effective organizations. They will continue to hire "professional communicators" who will convince them that their moronic verses will "manage" the news and image of the RNC.

Unless that chair is filled by Dr. James Pelura. Dr. Pelura, no stranger to dealing with animals, will make the needed changes, will show the consultants the door and force the committee to actually work. His boldness will attract loyal people and ideas. When rumors and gossip starts flying then you'll know he is doing his job right. He shook up the MD GOP, I think for the better, and he can do the same for the national party.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Steele and the other Republican bigwigs that backed Gilchrest were smarter than Chris Meekins and Andy Harris. They new that a right wing nut job had little chance of winning a moderate congressional district. If Gilchrest was the Republican candidate, he would have easily held the seat. The only group you have to blame for losing the seat is the Club for Growth. All of your state Republicans might as well move to another state if they don't like the climate here.

Anonymous said...

Michael Steele. You've got to be kidding. The Republican party tried rolling him out as a candidate for the Senate, thinking he'd get the black vote and win the seat, but surprise, surprise, that didn't happen. Michael Steele lied and misrepresented himself and his party affiliation throughout that entire campaign. Is that really the kind of person you want heading up the RNC? Oh yeah, of course it is.

Mike Netherland said...

Well, that IS a curious comment coming from you! But I'll humor you...If you'll read this post again I believe you'll see that I am not exactly thrilled with the idea of Steele, but, hey, "Change" right?

And I agree with you (or you agree with me) about Steele's campaign. I have written that he was doing himself no favors by denying his party affiliation and running away from Bush.

But you have to give him credit for having the courage to be a black Republican.

See you on the train?

bud said...

Keep trying to ridicule those that didn't support Andy Harris. It's been a brilliant strategy that you Harris faithful keep trying. But, as you can see, voters weren't shamed into voting for him.

Mike Netherland said...

Do you suggest I run around thanking all the stupid Republicans for being so smart? But you have a point. The ones I should be shaming are the @!@%## Libertarians.

What does it take to give the district to the Democrats? Eight thousand Stoopid Republicans voting Libertarian.