Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mo' Money Maxwell

The following is a letter I sent to the County School Board after reading in today's Kapital that the superintendent wants to raise taxes, again.

Honorable School Board members,

I write in response to Superintendent Maxwell's novel approach to funding the ever increasing demands of the Teachers Association of Anne Arundel County (TAAAC). In his letter to you, according to the "local press," Mr. Maxwell begins by insulting the good people of this county as greedy misers who insist on electing leaders who will resist the expansion of government. Then he calls on the County Council to raise
income and property taxes.

If he believes that raising taxes would actually raise revenue while all other variables (shrinking economy, falling real estate market, etc) remained the same (shrinking and falling), then he is not qualified to lead anything.

"Clearly the county [taxpayers] has the ability to do [pay] more [money], but has chosen [elected leaders who share their belief] not to provide the effort [pay more taxes] to fund education [pay off the TAAAC] at the level of many of our sister jurisdictions," Mr. Maxwell is quoted, with my translation, as writing to you.

Now the county is facing $153 million deficit or a potential deficit. The way I see it the Superintendent wants to spend $977 million (which is probably an increase over last year's budget) next year out of a total County budget of $1.2 billion. That leaves, what, $230 million for the rest of the county? And the Teachers Union wants an even bigger share? If the County can run the police, fire, water, sanitation, library and other services on $230 million, I am sure Mr. Maxwell can come up with a measly $153 million in things to put off til next year.

Raise taxes? No. The O'Malley administration and the Democratic Party just increased taxes last fall, and foisted a ridiculous slots amendment on a gullible electorate. When the economy recovers the state and county will have more money to waste than ever before. They don't need any more.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Well said Mike. Working for a mortgage lender, I can tell you that the areas that have been hardest hit have been those with the largest increases in property taxes. It isn’t the interest rates that is killing people, it is the tax rates. I have seen working-class people have their property taxes increases by $2,500.00 and more per year (that’s o0ver $200.00 per month). With most people buying into the “I want it all and I want it now” trap, an additional $200.00 per month on top of utility bill increases is a budget breaker. When the foreclosures increase, property values drop and so do tax revenues. Just wait till Ospenda’s borrowing catches up with us and interest rated really do go up and in a big way. The dims (spelling intentional) had better learn that less is more and do it fast or they will get the harsh lesson in economics that more is less. You’d think that these idiots would have the ability to remember back to the Carter lack of administration.