Monday, May 11, 2009

How Do You Do Efficiency?

To the Editor,
I rarely comment on idiotic letters to the editor published by the Annapolis Kapital paper (because I am too busy writing them?), but the one last night by tree-hugger Holly Gorman was bursting with enough eco-green renewable efficiency to make Al Gore blush. But give Miz Gorman credit for not pretending that nuclear power doesn't exist, unlike our cowering politicians and "business leaders."

No, she boldly declares that she's sick of hearing how nuclear energy is soooooo eco-friendly just because it emits zero ounces of noxious carbon dioxide and how widespread use of nuclear power will reduce the demand for dirty carbon energy. Big deal! These are all the wrong reasons for supporting the expansion of nuclear capacity at Calvert Cliffs.

It is precisely because providing the people of Maryland with clean energy for generations to come that we should vigorously oppose all efforts to expand the use of nuclear power in this country! See, if we have cheap, abundant, clean (and recyclable!) nuclear energy, then we won't want to conserve energy by freezing in the winter and boiling in the summer. We won't want to sacrifice safety on the roads in order to save a few bucks (and the planet!).

Finally, one of the eco-freaks went out without her talking points and just told it like it is. It doesn't matter how much energy we have or how cheap and clean it is. It never will matter. Miz "Al" Gorman suddenly saw the handwriting on the wall: The rise of nuclear energy comes at the expense of the power and influence of groups like...hers, and people like her, who produce nothing. Suddenly she faces the very real prospect of having to develop a skill and getting a real job.

Mike Netherland
Severna Park


Anonymous said...

Gee, given how liberals love France and think we should be more like France, you would think that they would jump to expand nuclear energy. France gets 75 - 80% of its electricity from nuclear power plants that produce clean energy at prices that "working" and "underprivileged" families can actually afford. Oops, I forgot, libs only say they are for the poor and middle classes. Dave Barna

Mike Netherland said...

What kills me about the nuclear debate is the eco-freaks' recent tactic of trying to do the math. They go to great lengths to point out that the costs of building a nuclear plant are vast, requiring massive government subsidy and will lead to bankruptcy for the city or state foolish enough to build one.

These costs, subject to "massive" overruns by the way, are broken down to the cents per kwh. The dirty coal and oil plants cost only 3 cents per kwh while the nukes cost 8!!

This kind of penny pinching from people who ARE RESPONSIBLE for the cost overruns through their incessant litigation and lobbying of the spineless jellyfish in Congress!