Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Natalee Holloway


What's your take on the missing girl in Aruba story? How do you like Fox's coverage of it? Would you let your 18-year-old daughter go to Aruba with 124 kids and 7 chaperones? What do you think of the Arubans protests of the mother's comments yesterday?

What do you think happened?


Mike Netherland said...

All I can say is...those poor people! Well I can say more actually and you ask all the right questions. I am sure the Holloway/Twitty family are asking themselves the same thing over and over....WHY? Why did we let her go there practically unescorted? Why can't she be found on an island 7 miles by 12?

The media coverage is what we've come to expect (from Fox and others) of these protracted but compelling stories: inane and silly at times. Fox seems to be more focused on the possibility of a cover-up and the preceived incompetence of the Aruban police.

I keep blaming the parents, their anguish notwithstanding. The Arubans are not babysitters. Aruba is not Disneyland. It is currently a safe haven for money-laundering by Central and South American drug cartels.

No, I would not let any of my children go under such circumstances. It is just asking for trouble. Hell, I won't let them go to Florida by themselves. The safest place is in the world is still ...Bedford County, Pa !! where the worst that can happen to you is a case of poiison ivy.

Barb said...

I agree 100%!

If you let your 18 year old kid travel to a foreign country to party and run wild, that's exactly what they will do, but without the protection of US laws and jurisdiction. I've never let my daughter take a spring break anywhere, even Florida! Next month she turns 21, alive and not missing.

Mike Netherland said...

Now....What do you think happened? That is the tough question. The possibilities are:

1. Raped and murdered with the body dragged out to sea.
2. Raped and sold into white-slavery; snapped up quickly by Kim Jong-Il and is now th envy of his North Korean harem of buxom blondes.
3. Ran off voluntarily with a swarthy Dutch-Aruban pirate who promised to make her forget all about Twitty being her mother's new last name.

Barb said...

I like your third choice best.

However, without a time line and the call records, it's hard to tell much of anything. My brother suggested that the father and the boy were in it together from the git-go and had their way with her at his house, then disposed of her at sea. There are very conflicting stories of who was dropped off where, and his house was mentioned at one point. I don't know why the Kalpoes and that Croes guy would lie to cover for them, which just adds to the mystery.

However with her being drunk and possibly drugged, anything could have happened, including her drowning after he had sex with her, in an attempt to either sober up or commit suicide (not in her right mind).