Thursday, July 28, 2005

While you were away....

Sorry Mike, but I am taking over your blog while you are away.

Heck, this gives me all kinds of opportunity!

1) Natalee Holloway--okay, I give. I must admit am fixated by the Foxnews coverage on Greta's show. I do love Greta. No, it is not a news story, but simply a mystery that all of America is hung up on. I hope it lasts....for Fox's sake, but not for her family's.

2) The new Energy Bill--how much money can we give to the oil companies under this cover, and for how long??

3) Carl Rove....haa haaa haaa....not much to add there.

4) John Roberts--yes, a true player in the 2000 election debacle. Nice try letting a few years pass, as if us dems will forget. Nothing like politics.

5) Our NY governor gives--yee ha! Knows he doesn't stand a chance.

6) Boy scouts are stood up by George Bush...hmm....what do you make of that?

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