Sunday, December 04, 2005

"Laffey Beats Chaffee"

Message to Steve Laffey who has just entered the race to unseat Lincoln Chaffee in next primary.

Mike N.

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From: Mike Netherland <>
Date: Dec 3, 2005 6:02 PM
Subject: "Laffey Beats Chaffee"

Dear Mr. Mayor,
I just heard about your campaign via the Club for Growth! All I can say is THANK YOU! Well, that's not all I can say....This is what I told the NRSC:

"To what organization can I give my money that will help elect conservative Republicans, strengthen and unite the party and generally keep embarassing people like Lincoln Chaffee, Olympia Snowe, Arlen Specter, Ted Stevens, etc. from elective office?

This just in from the Club for Growth:
"In Rhode Island, the NRSC has been running TV ads designed to support liberal Republican Senator Lincoln Chafee, who is running for re-election against a conservative Republican candidate, Steve Laffey, in the upcoming 2006 GOP primary."

Given that your charter is, at least in part, to perpetuate in office liberals, your organization should simply disband, go away.

You are bad, evil even. Bad for the party and bad for the country. I will be sending a copy of this to Ken Mehlman at the RNC and cite this as another reason why the RNC will never see a dime of Netherland money as long as I have a breath.

Short of disbanding, why don't you just change the name of your organization? How about the "National Gutless, Spineless, Knuckledragging Gasbag Senatorial Committee"? This name would more accurately describe the people you represent.


P.S. I just gave $50 to Steve Laffey's Campaign. It would worth $500 just to see the looks on your faces if he wins and to see his reply to your friendly invitation to join the committee."

Mr. Mayor, I will be contributing to your campaign and I sincerely hope you are NOT a Republican of the same mold as the incumbent. Remember, he PROMISED to leave the party if Bush won in '04. All you are doing is helping him fulfill that promise.

Do not hold back. Do not think twice or think about the politically correct comment or action. Lead, Mr. Mayor and they will follow.

Merry Christmas!

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