Saturday, December 10, 2005

Must Be Something in the Water

Note to Steve Laffey after reading part of his Energy Independence policy:

"I confess I got all excited when I heard that someone was challenging Lincoln Chaffee in the next "Republican" primary in Rhode Island.

But after reading Mayor Laffey's "Alternative Energy Policy" I realized that there is no real Republican Party in Rhode Island (I should have figured something was up when the incumbent and challenger have rhyming surnames). Laffey's "Plan" includes higher automobile mileage standards.

When we are driving around in tin foil cars Rhode Island will still be pumping our "Republicans" like Laffey and Chaffee. Good luck, Mr. Mayor. May the least dangerously ignorant of you two win."

And I was all ready to contribute to his campaign. Had my American Express card at the ready, went to his website and, Wham! The energy independence policy hit me like a bowl of cold oatmeal.

I can't in good conscience contribute to the campaign of anyone who actually believes that this economy can become "energy independent" by increasing the mandatory mileage standards, and by more tax breaks for alternative fuels (except nuclear) and wind farms.

You want to put the fear of God into OPEC oil ministers? Take the muzzel off Big Oil, let them explore, find and refine oil in our backyard, publish sensible nuclear power plant construction and operation standards. Oil and gas will become cheaper than the sand that surrounds Middle East oil wells. Gas stations will be put on wheels and will drive to YOU, just to squeeze out an extra dime per gallon over the competition.

It sounds too good to be true because of Republicans like the Cha-laffeys, and our own ignorami Gilchrest and Bartlett.

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Mike Netherland Jr. said...

Hi, everyone I'm Mike Netherland Jr. son of the fabulously awesome, yet critical, Web Master and blogger Mike Netherland Sr. My dad sends me all his blog posts because he knows i'll appreciate them and share in his critizing humor and over all point of view. So to all you moonbats consider this: before you publicly state your thoughts on how to make our country a better place run it by my dad because, obviously, your ideas are not well thought out and will ,above all, not make our country a better place. Until my dad's next blog, peace.