Monday, January 23, 2006

Literate Candidates

Well the 2006 Republican Primary Season has opened with a whimper. To be sure, there have been the obligatory bull roasts and backslappings that have defined Republican politics in this state for generations.

For those of us who rely heavily on the written and published positions of each candidate, though, there is only silence, for the most part. In District 33A (my district), the man to beat is Tony McConkey. A likeable guy and, I assume, staunch conservative. But we don't hear much from him. He seems to be taking a back seat to the more senior members of the GOP delegation, perhaps respectfully so. But he faces at least one serious challenger in Greg Kline.

Mr. Kline is by far the most literate of the three contenders (am I missing any 33A candidates? I'll get to Carrie Geldart in a minute.). And because he is literate we are familiar with his positions on current issues and thus familiar with how he would conduct himself in the House of Delegates. Who knows, though...maybe he will clam up once elected. I hope not.

I would have thought, and still hope, that Mr. McConkey would rise to the occaison and defend his record and publicize his positions. Since he was elected, he has grown distant. A third candidate, Carrie Geldart, from my neighborhood, has taken no substantive position on any of the recent issues. But keep checking her website for some content on the Issues page of her website(

I think a debate is in order and have floated the idea. The challengers have both expressed to me their willingness to particiapte in a debate. The incumbent has not responded and we are left to assume that he doesn't see any benefit to his reelection campaign to debate the issues with his challengers.

May the most literate candidate win!

Mike Netherland

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