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RE: Islam: Religion of Peace?

My responses to Mr. Hooper's replies:

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From: Mike Netherland <>
Date: Feb 5, 2006 4:48 PM
Subject: Re: Fwd: Islam: Religion of Peace?
To: Ibrahim Hooper <>

Well, Mr. Hooper, do not delude yourselves into thinking that North American media are restraining their urge to excercise their First Amendment rights out of "respect" for Islam and its followers. They are restraining themselves out of fear; fear that Islamist organizations will incite followers to visit violence upon the property of the North American media and the people who run them.

And I put no conditions on my love for you, my fellow man, Mr. Hooper. My suggestion was not aimed at gaining my acceptance. It was meant as one way to show that you mean what you say; that those who visit violent acts on the most innocent and tolerant of societies are not truly Muslims and are not being true to the teachings of Mohammed.
Fear is no way to induce respect or understanding. I am glad that you indulge me in this dialogue, Mr. Hooper. I am truly trying to understand the many paradoxes and dilemmas pointed up by this cartoon flap.
And now I know what PBUH stands for! Peace Be Upon Him!
Mike Netherland
On 2/5/06, Ibrahim Hooper <> wrote:
So to be accepted by you, we would have to defame the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)? No thanks.
At 04:00 PM 2/5/2006, you wrote:
Dear Mr. Hooper,
The "not-so-peaceful" actions of" justified concern" are being excused by the usual apologists in the West as the acts "primeval barbarians." Is that how you would like to be known and thought of? As a proto-human species of man? This is not how I see the authors of the Koran and the creators of such art and architecture. But this is how your friends in the West are defending you. By casting you in the role semi-intelligent, half evolved creatures in order to explain your unexplainable barbarism.

As a result, I add another goal for you: distance yourselves from such "friends." Embrace those in the West who assume that Islamists are human beings, too, and, as such, yearn to be free, free to feel love for their fellow man be he Christian, Jew or Muslim.

Here's a thought: Publish the damn cartoons yourselves, in your Internet and print media! Nothing will gain your organization instant respect and from and shut the mouths of people like me (and they are legion) quite like seeing CAIR itself publishing the cartoons. Of course, your "freinds" will never understand this act of primeval barbarians.
CAIR to offer educational initiatives highlighting legacy of Prophet Muhammad

(WASHINGTON, D.C ., 2/5/06) - On Sunday, February 5, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) will hold a news conference in Washington, D.C., to express the U.S. Muslim community's rejection of violence in response to the defamatory caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad published in European newspapers.

On 2/5/06, Ibrahim Hooper <> wrote:
[Excerpts from] What Would Muhammad Do?
By Ibrahim Hooper;id=38841&theType=NB

[Ibrahim Hooper is National Communications Director for the Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the nation's largest Muslim civil liberties group. He may be contacted at: ]

"Peaceful and not-so-peaceful protests have occurred from Gaza to Indonesia. Boycotts have targeted companies based in Denmark and in other nations that reprinted the offensive caricatures. "

"We all, Muslims and people of other faiths, seem to be locked into a downward spiral of mutual mistrust and hostility based on self-perpetuating stereotypes."
"This unfortunate episode can be used as a learning opportunity for people of all faiths who sincerely wish to know more about Islam and Muslims. It can also be viewed as a "teaching moment" for Muslims who want to exemplify the prophet's teachings through the example of their good character and dignified behavior in the face of provocation and abuse. "

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