Monday, February 06, 2006

Islam: Religion of Peace?

Note: only the CAIR message got through. The other contact addresses were returned undeliverable.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Mike Netherland <>
Date: Feb 5, 2006 1:19 AM
Subject: Re: Islam: Religion of Peace?
Dear Islamists,
I am writing today to express my disgust at what some, despite your attempts to deny them, are doing in the name of Islam. The latest outrage seems to be the childish behavior of followers of Mohammed (pbuh) over the publication of cartoon images of Mohammed. You won't find these cartoons in the U.S. print and broadcast media which, it seems, has no stomach for desecrating politically correct religions, while happily denigrating Christianity and Christians as well as publishing the details of U.S. defense programs. It seems the liberal media, despite their claims to the Constitutional high ground, are more afraid of "peaceful" Islamists than they are of George W. Bush (aka "the world's greatest terrorist").
The link below is to Michelle Malkin's site which is carrying links to hundreds of bloggers ("infidels," "apostates," you know, free people) who are posting these images on their web sites around the world. You may recognize some the unashamed Islamists in the crowd scenes where many are carry signs of "peace." I do not believe these are "isolated" fanatics. I believe these are your firends and relaltives and are mainstream Islamists. You will have to go a long, long. long way to convince them, me, Michelle Malkin and the rest of who know what peace and freedom really mean, that they are un-Muslim, are not followers of the Koran and are not true believers of the prophet Mohammed.
A good place to start, though, if you are truly interested in wresting Islam from its fanatical hijackers (which I seriously doubt you are) is to start protesting, picketing, boycotting, etc., those in the liberal American press for NOT publishing the cartoons. You must insist that these media outlets publish for all to see the horrors of these cartoons to show the true difference between what you call the true religion of peace and that portrayed by the same media (you know, the howling mad masked gunnmen and beheaders of women). Call on the true followers of Islam to buy Danish products, to prove your solidarity with the people of that freedom-loving and tolerant land. Fly the Danish flag as proudly as you do the American flag. You should exhort the Arab Islamists with in your organizations to flood the Department of Homeland Security with applications for Arab language translation jobs.
Failure to do so is admission of your organizations' complicity and support of these people; that your organizations are merely false fronts for the terrorists and their sponsors; and that all your rhetoric about Islam being a peaceful religion is so much propaganda bunk. Do not reply to this message. Your words mean nothing. Their words, on their placards, speak volumes. Look at the pictures; do something about it.

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