Friday, February 16, 2007

Gilchrest's Last Term?

As I read the headline on the Victory Caucus and The Weekly Standard web sites, I was hoping I would not see his name. But in Meet the Move-On Republicans , Wayne Gilchrest rears his ugly head, again:

"Vote for this resolution," said GOP Rep. Wayne Gilchrest of Maryland, "and we can move on to end the violence, the sectarian chaos, the foolish, bitter electronic exchanges between countries."
He distinguishes himself yet again, as indistinguishable from the Democratic Party. Proving that he is no sheep, mindlessly following the other Republicans who foolishly represent the values of their Republican constituencies, Congressman Buffoon, decides to mindlessly follow the sheep on the other side of the aisle.
I wonder if his "constituents" on the Otherside of the Bay are aware? I wonder if the Conservative Refuge will step up and call the good Congressman to account. And, really, It's time to pull the plug on MD GOP support for this guy. Dontcha think?
I'll just stand here and hold my breath .....
Mike Netherland.

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Anonymous said...

What the hell does he mean by "...bitter electronic exchanges between countries" ?