Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Shear Audacity

Fictional transcript of fictional interview with a fictional Eastern Shore, Kent County, Republican.
What do you think, Mr. Marr?
Interview with the Sheep
Host Tom Marr

TM: Good Morning. WCBM 680 is pleased to welcome Red Bartlersman of Kennedyville, MD, home to Rep. Wayne Gilchrest of MD's First Congressional District. Mr. Bartlersman is one of a growing number of long-time Gilchrest supporters who are increasingly disaffected by the Congressman's recent votes and speeches. Mr. B has come to the studio this morning wearing a sheep costume.
TM: Mr. B I have to ask you....why the sheep outfit?
RB: It is a symbol of how Gilchrest has come to view those of us, faithful Republicans, who have supported him through the years.
TM: He views you as sheep?
RB: Pretty much. He has said that voting for Republican measures in the House are the acts of mindless sheep.
TM: But, Red, may I call you Red? He considers himself an independent. What he meant by that comment was that he thinks for himself and votes his conscience. How can you take umbrage at that?
RB: One: If he considers himself an independent, then he should run for office as such; and TWO: What does it say about the rest of us? About his colleagues in the Republican Caucus?
TM: I guess it says that you are all mindless sheep. Thanks for coming on this morning, Red.
RB: Baaaa Baaaaa Baaaaa.
TM: That was Red Bartlersman....just one of a ...herd, er flock, of Eastern Shore, District 1 Republicans not happy with Gilchrest's recent vote for the non-binding resolution. Perhaps we are witnessing the beginning of the end for Congressman Gilchrest.


David K. Kyle said...

Gilchrest is the perfect example of what I meant by the people not always putting the right man into office. Not that I believe in being in lock step with the party either. The problem we have in government is that we don’t have many independent thinkers and the ones we do have always don’t come to the right conclusions.
What Republicans should do is in the next election swallow their Republican pride and elect the Democrat into office and then spend the next two years prepping a good solid candidate for office. Unfortunately the last election was the time to do that as you could have gotten a high profile state elected official to run in ’08 without having to endanger their current position.

Mike Netherland said...

David, I agree with you, of course, and did vote for for Gilchrest's Democratic opponent last November.

As for recruiting candidates, I have asked ThePublicSquare (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ThePublicSquare/) to consider suitable challengers.

The names of two State Senators have been suggested and I have contacted them regarding a run in 08. Neither of them has replied.