Thursday, May 10, 2007

In Praise of the Zealots

I sent the message below to the Washington Times using their "Contact Us"page. Let's see yours!

Regarding Mr. Kane's comments in today's story by Tom LoBianco: ( The Republicans I have talked to who have been withholding their donations are now eager to donate to the party under the highly competent leadership of James Pelura and John Flynn. Both are very well respected members of the party. As many people know, I haven't had a good word to say about the GOP, state and national since I can't remember when. Under Mr. Kane's "leadership" we witnessed a party apparatus that would have turned the GOP primary into a rubber stamp. And the leadership was AWOL in the face of well-organized attacks on the first Republican governor in decades. Finally, Kane and Co. made idiotic and insulting comments, repeatedly, in the press about loyal Republicans who had the temerity to offer good ideas. Privately, the professional staff were encouraged to squash dissent by well-meaning GOP activists.

I have every confidence that the new leadership will breath life into the party that Kane wasted. They have already made a difference in keeping the party informed, constantly banging the drum to ensure the Democrats get away with nothing. And if Mr. Kane thinks John Flynn is a zealot, then I have to say, to borrow a phrase, that zealotry in the pursuit of conservative Republicanism is no vice! Compared with four years of zero leadership, I am sure that principled and driven leaders like Dr. Pelura and Mr. Flynn represent a drastic and sorely needed change in Maryland.

Mike Netherland
Severna Park

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David K. Kyle said...

Anything is better than the incompetence that Kane brought to the party. After losing seats in the GA he has no reason to criticize anyone. It is a shame he didn’t show those kind of balls when he was in charge. The ’08 election will show what type of leader Pelura can be. It remains to be seen if they stick with the incumbent no matter what strategy or abandon it as any sensible person would when faced with pretend Republicans.