Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Party Rift

Since sharing my, oh lets call it consternation with former MDGOP Chairman's John Kane's remarks to the press last week, I have heard from Chuck Gast (R-Mitt Romney). Mr. Gast has been invited to defend Kane's remarks or add his voice to those who have suddenly soured on the new leadership and professional staff of the state Party. And it also seems as though Mike Collins (R-?), our County Central Committee Chairman has called to reassure those of us who are rightly put off by Mr.Kane's smear tactics. I find it curious that Kane and his supporters are out conducting overt and covert operations against a GOP leadership that is unabashedly conservative. The smear also comes at the same time that Wayne Gilchrest (R-Baaa, baaa) is under enormous pressure, whether he realizes it or not, to begin brushing up on his Lincoln and Reagan or risk being shunned by the Party. So while the bring-home-the-bacon crowd are busy circling the wagons around Gilchrest and trying to discredit the conservative leadership of the party, the rest of us are wondering just what the heck is going on.

I hereby invite the current and former Chairmen of the County Central Committee to explain to the Square exactly why it was a good thing to attack the current state party chair and executive director. I will not publish their essays on my blog as I will this one. Their essays will be available to the members of the Square (so you have to join to read them!!). Maybe there's something we ought to know about Dr. Pelura and John Flynn. Some dark secret, ulterior motives, a hidden agenda? Tell us! O Keepers of the Incumbent, O Defenders of the Indefensible! Enlighten those of us out of backslapping range!

I can understand that the party might be taking up sides in advance of the National Primary (So Chuck, you can stop sending me the Romney material). But why attack the State Party leadership? The state and county Party must remain neutral during the Primary. But if they hold private opinions and allegiances, they need to get an outsider to advance their candidate(s). So far I have not been able to detect a similar move by the current State party leadership, you know, the conservatives. It seems as though they are remaining neutral. Imagine that.

Mike Netherland
Severna Park

9 comments: said...

The only thing unabashed about the Jim Pelura and John Flynn is their incompetence.

Plain, simple incompetence.

Mike Netherland said...
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Mike Netherland said...

Well, Steve, you've come a long way since your last post on this subject:

I guess you've decided that the new staff philosophy is not a good thing after all.

Will we be seeing any objective analysis on your blog as to the nature and degree of the "incompetence" or are you just going to throw around this word as though its mere utterance is authority in itself?

You are allowed to go on, at length, free of charge, discussing the incompetence. You could even come up with your own word instead of just repeating John Kane's.

Hell, you can even use my blog. said...

Read this post.

You hire your priorities. If fundraising isn't a priority, you aren't going to raise any money.

The fact that they don't get that makes them incompetent and inept.

Mike Netherland said...

Good work. That's a start at objective analysis. = competence. Your hero must be John Dean.

Leaving that aside, I do not equate fundraising with competence in running a major political party. Jerry Lewis was a brilliant fundraiser, and a comic genius. But I don't think I want him running the party....though, as I've said, he could've done a better job than John Kane.

Thanks for your comments. Keep 'em coming! said...

Who is John Dean?
Who is Steve?

Mike Netherland said...

Oops! I meant Howard Dean. Damn! I hate it when I do that.

I am just calling you Steve, since that is the only real name associated with your blog. What is your name? said...


How important is the Red, White & Blue dinner to the success of the MDGOP?

David K. Kyle said...

John Dean was Nixon's man.