Sunday, March 02, 2008


From the CAN YOU BELIEVE IT DEPT.: A blurb in Ron Gunzburger's Politics1 blog indicates among other political developments, that soon-to-be-former Congressman Wayne Gilchrest is at least NOT ruling out stumping for the Democratic nominee for his old seat this Fall.

Gilchrest's not-so-smug-now chief of staff and campaign manager Tony Caligiuri (rumoured to be lobbying to run Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens last campaign this fall)

...told The Hill that the NRCC 'never offered to do any polling for us or really do anything financially for us before the primary" even though Gilchrest had regularly helped the NRCC raise money. Caliguiri even hinted a Gilchrest endorsement of Queen Anne’s County State’s Attorney Frank Kratovil (D) was possible.
I have to say that without the National Republican Congressional Committee, Caliguri would have been out of a job four years ago. This time, the incumbent-protection-racket apparently saw the handwriting on the wall figured it would protect what, if anything, is left of its good name and let someone else take the hit for Gilchrest this time.

Whether Mr. Gilchrest stumps for the Democrats this fall or not doesn't really matter. He's been doing that for the better part of his career anyway. The really good news, however is this:

"No decision has been made about anything," said Caliguiri. Further, he added that Gilchrest "isn’t likely to be involved in GOP politics in the years ahead."

[hat tip: Scott Hollenbeck].

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