Sunday, March 02, 2008


Once in a while BudThe Blogger (not his real name) when he's not obsessing over how fellow blogger Joe Albero (his real name) is getting along in Salisbury, comes up with real interesting information. For instance this snippet from an invitation he received recently:

Kent and Queen Anne's County Republicans are holding a breakfast in honor of Frank Kratovil , Democratic candidate for Maryland 's First Congressional District, 7:30 a.m. on March 11 at the Kent Center in Chestertown. Scott Bramble, Joseph C. Flanagan, Jr., Frank Frohn, Trey Hill, Howard Rose and Karen Willis are hosting.

It's enough to make you want to hurl your guts across the room. Isn't it? Now I don't know the Hosts and Hostess. (And before I get too deep into this, I want state that this may just be a set-up by the Kratovil campign. I t would be easy to do. Find an few unwitting fools, register them as Republicans, rent out the Kent Center for the morning and Boom, you got Mike Netherland writing his little heart out.) But they claim to be Republicans. Time was when that's pretty much all you needed to know about a person. As a Republican you can rest assured that whatever their other shortcomings, they shared with you a certain set of values and beliefs.

No longer. Now we have conservative Republicans and moderate ones, even a few liberal ones. Things are hard enough with that. Now we have Eastern Shore Republicans (ES-GOP), too! Well, what do they believe in? Well you have your conservative ES-GOP, your moderate ES-GOP and so forth, just like you folks on the mainland, except they're on the Shore. Oh, and they'll support Republicans when it suits them.

Now for you Republicans for Kratovil, I have some news, in case you really are Republicans with an ounce of self-respect to share among you. The Democrats are howling in laughter. They're not laughing with you, either. You are the laughing-stock of political activism in MD. We Republicans ES and WES weep for you. We say to you, for Pete's sake, just register as Democrats! I know John Flynn grows another gray hair every time I say this, but for the reputation of you and your family, forget the MD GOP! It is just not for you. Don't worry about us. We'll get along just fine with out you. Trust me.

Mike Netherland
Severna Park


bud said...


First of all, I have fun at Joe's expense ever since that clown threatened to sue me for linking his site. Trust me, of all the "anti-Albero blogs", I talk the least about him.

Secondly, your expectation that people should show political party loyalty is narrow minded at best. The republicans truly value people like you. No matter who they throw out there and no matter what they say or do, you'll be out there to support them. In turn, you'll berate any republican who doesn't do the same.

Finally, I like you. I really do. That being said, I notice you seem a tad agitated with me lately. I chalk it up to nothing other than political reasons.

Mike Netherland said...

OK, I'll concede that you are the least obsessed with Joe Albero than most. And of the all AA blogs yours is the most sophisticated in style.

About party loyalty, if I am agitated with you lately it's because you keep accusing me of the same character flaw despite the plethora of evidence against it. I urge you again to read my writings. Talk to people in the party. You'll soon find that I have been the biggest pain in the party's side for nearly 10 years.

I expected that you of all people should be able to recognize this and to see the common thread that characterizes my many rants and letters.

If pary loyalty was my sole motivation why would I have expended so much energy to not just throw out a Republican, but to make sure as many people as possible knew exactly why he was thrown out; that that fate awaits those who follow Gilchrest into power and forget that fate?

bud said...


Thanks for complimenting my blog. I sincerely appreciate it.

I don't believe I've singled out. And, I recognize your division with some in your party. Honestly, I am certain I'd immediately butt heads with many in the AA County Republican party. Still, whens the last time you voted for a democrat? In turn, take a state election for example. In all the races, how often do you cross over to vote for the other side?

Admittedly, I tend to lean slightly republican. In other words, I say it's highly unlikely an election will go by without me voting for multiple republican candidates.

Campaigning in a primary against an incumbent is one thing. Cross over in the general is another matter.

Mike Netherland said...

I have never and will never vote for a Democrat. I don't look at voting as a fashion accessory where I am obliged to cast my franchise for a Democrat or two to show that I am "open-minded."

For me, assuming that every vote counts, I see my vote as being crucial to the future of my children and theirs. Voting for modern-day Democrats would be irresponsible. Of course, the same could be said of some modern-day Republicans, but at least with them there is a modicum of hope. It is sad, really, that Democrats come with all that baggage. Those who affiliate themselves with the Democrats must either accept it or remain ignorant of it.

Greg Kline said...

Bud chooses the latter Mike. I accused him of essentially the same thing, stating that someone who is conservative who associates with the modern democratic party calls his judgment into question. I was accused of making some terrible attack on poor Bud, so be it. I stand by it.

What does make me angry is this "yours is the most sophisticated in style" crap. Bud has a good blog and it is well written, especially compared to that aapolitics tripe, but "most sophisticated". What a picture with each post is now "sophisticated".


bud said...


I am not ignorant of what the democratic party has become. In many ways, I am ready to wash my hands clean of the party.

I initially registered as a democrat after turning 18. I chose the party because everyone in my family is a democrat, though many hold conservative views. That being said, I have yet to cast a (general election) vote for a democratic Governor or President. In fact, George Johnson remains the only democrat I've ever supported for an executive level position.

So what keeps me in the party? It's because I watched politicians such as Phil Jimeno and Ed DeGrange and realized conservatives aren't always republican. But unlike republicans, conservative democrats can often throw their weight to stall silly Montgomery County sponsored legislation.

Anyway, I don't view the republican party as a viable alternative. Despite have total control for Congress from 2002-2006, they acted as if they were in charge of the liberals government. I voted for Bush twice, but he has killed the republican party.

Also, I have said it before and I'll say it again. I dislike the AA County version of the republican party. Yes, I support republicans such as Dillon, Kipke, King, Schuh and Costa. I just despise the behind the scenes people.

I guess I could register as an Independent, which I truly believe I am. Of course, I like voting. I have yet to miss a primary or general election. If the two political parties allowed Independents to vote in the primary of their choice, I'd almost certainly change my registration. Until then, I'll stay a democrat.

Mike Netherland said...

I just re-read my comment. Let me explain..."AA" was meant to stand for "Anti-Albero" not Anne Arundel! So in that context, if you have seen the other anti-Albero blogs, you would have to agree that Bud's is the most sophisticated!

Greg Kline said...


In that case, I stand corrected and would concur.

By the way Bud, be carefull hanging around Costa ;-)

Clark said...

Just for the record I'm laughing- at Mike.

The Eastern Shore Republican's that are holding the event fro Kratovil may be more concerned about having someone in the house that represents the Eastern Shore than having another lock step Republican there. That's why we like Wayne, too. He represents our concerns. Hopefully Kratovil will, too. Damn sure that Harris won't.

Mike Netherland said...

I am flattered that such an Eastern Shore personality such yourself actually reads my blog. So much for the last comment that nobody reads it this [expletive]. Ha Ha Ha !

Ahem, So, you laugh at me because....I am a "lock-step Republican" unlike your beloved outgoing congressman Gilchrest.

You laugh at me because I have the temerity to expect my congressman to add a Republican voice and vote when matters of National import, of societal import are before the Congress?

If Kratovil wins, I will not expect much at all and thus will not be disappointed in his actions and words. We won't accuse him of beig a "lock-step Democrat," because that would be redundant. We don't expect Democrats to vote with Republicans but are pleasantly surprised when they do.

"...someone in the House that represents the Eastern Shore..." is that someone who doesn't represent the Western Shore? Maryland? The United States? If the "Republicans" for Kratovil believe that Congressman Harris should not be elected, then they should register as Democrats! The Congressional District in which they reside needs more Democrats to ever defeat a Republican! Unless a majority of the voters there don't really know the difference between a Republican and a Democrat. Maybe Maryland should sanction a third party called simply the Shore Bird Pary. I'd love to see THAT primary!