Saturday, May 31, 2008

GOP Needs More RightWingers

Many of you may have seen in the Wall Street Journal (5-28-08) a letter from Rep.Barbara Pryce, (R?-OH), lashing out at Pat Toomey and the Club for Growth for funding the campaigns of those Republicans, and even a Democrat, who have proven that they'll support pro-economic growth initiatives; in short those politicians who will vote for (not just talk about) lower taxes, and other policies proven to have a positive impact on the lives of all Americans. She seems to believe that the party needs more moderates and (RINOs) not less.

You see "ideological cleansing" is a tactic of the MoveOn.Org (or the MODORGs as I like to call them). It shouldn't be ours. We are better than that. We need, according to Ms Pryce, to let the Modorgs keep their party in line while we compromise our principles, you know, so "we" can govern. Who are "we," Ms Pryce?

And apparently, Ms Pryce is confusing leadership with servitude. "To serve them, (her constituents) we must attempt to reflect their views - not antagonize them..." So she is one of those politicians who must take a poll before casting every vote, and is damn proud of it. You see, Congresswoman, they voted for you. You reflect their views by virtue of their having voted for you. When you cease reflecting their views, as your colleague Mr. Gilchrest did years ago, they will cease voting for you.

Finally she rubs salt in the wound that drove Pat Toomey into the Club's warm embrace, advising that if he was so sure of his principles, how could he possibly lose to that ideological chameleon Arlen Specter. Ma'am, with all due respect (if any is due at this point) Mr. Toomey came within a hair of beating Mr. Specter, the senior senator from PA. In fact he probably lost by one Rick Santorum-stump-speech. Or one President Bush stump speech. Yes, he ran on a conservative agenda, was not supported by his party and was up against an incumbent and he still almost won!

I would say that it sounds like Rep. Pryce is next up in the CFG's hit parade, but it seems she is not seeking another term. Bravely, she hurls invective over her shoulder.

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