Tuesday, May 20, 2008

More Unmitigated Gall

The man can't help himself. In my last blog post I described Newt Gingrich's "plea" to the GOP Congressional delegation to help save the party by passing laws that his ol' pal Wayne Gilchrest would vote against. The irony is completely lost on him that he would keep in Congress a man who stands against everything he claims is needed to save the GOP.

Well, this is his latest, even more ironic stand:

"Last week, liberals in Congress voted for the equivalent of a $150 billion tax increase. They voted to make your next trip to the gas station more expensive; to make your next airplane ticket more expensive; to make heating your home more expensive -- even to make feeding your family more expensive.

How did they do it? By voting to block environmentally sound production of U.S. energy in favor of continuing to be held hostage to oil from foreign dictatorships. I'll explain in a minute."

Newt wants us to "Drill Now, Drill Here" and without even looking at the roll I can bet that Gilchrest was one of the few Republicans who voted to block the drilling, as he has done on many occasions over the years. [OK, so it was a Senate bill. So what? Apparently Newt would elevate Gilchrest to the Senate anyway. And there's bound to be a House version of this same bill....no?]

In case you are wondering, yes, I am going to continue highlighting the hypocrisy of the former Speaker until he comes clean and admits he was a fool to have nearly caused the reelection of Wayne Gilchrest.

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