Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Lost Generation - II: Meghan McCain

*****UPDATE: Michelle Malkin posts her take on Miss McCain.
I sent the letter below after watching yet another member of the Lost Generation stumble her way essentially to the same conclusions that proudly distinguishes the new Republican that "get's it" a la Margaret Hoover and Robbie Cohen.

Dear Miss McCain,

Please don't take this the wrong way: Leave the Party. I beg you to leave not because I think you'll damage the GOP beyond that already done to itself. Rather, I hate to see a nice girl like you get hurt. I have just read your latest Beast article and I can see bad things coming your way.

For example, it is patently obvious that you have never read any of Ann Coulter's books or articles. Most of her critics are similarly ignorant and delight in displaying their ignorance on national television. So you are hardly unique in the crowd that bemoans her "demeanor" which they characterize as hateful, extreme or "negative." This is how Bill Mahr has and will continue to characterize her. I have yet to read or hear someone actually successfully refute any of the "extreme" things that she has written. And you won't hear Bill Mahr refute them either. He doesn't have the time, patience and intelligence to do so.

If you one day hope to be taken seriously as a commentator or, God forbid, a politician, you need to stop watching MTV and The View and start reading. Until then Uncle Charlie (Gibson) and the rest of the mainstream media and just going to use you to further their own agenda of destroying the Republican Party you claim to love so much. And It doesn't much matter to them who you or I think is a "party icon," whether it's Ann Coulter or your father.

You have also displayed in your writings and "doing the media" an ignorance of the difference between conservatives and the Republican party. The Party is merely a vehicle, a political vehicle for turning conservative ideals into public policy. The "GOP ideals" to which you say you "find yourself drawn" are, in fact, conservative ideals. If all the conservatives left the party, the only GOP ideal would be "whatever it takes to get elected." This is what you saw on display over the past eight years, not conservatism. This is what you need to understand and this is what you need to explain to the "people like you" of the younger generation.

If you intend to stay with us then you need to learn what it means to be a conservative, especially the history of what conservatives have endured at the hands of liberals like Uncle Charlie, here and abroad. This will mean making a break with your father, with all you've learned at Columbia and most of what you've learned in grade school.

This will also mean taking a break from the YouTube University, picking up one of Ann Coulter's books (I highly recommend Treason) and reading.


I mentioned the letter on the train to an acquaintance (only slightly older than Miss McCain, if at all) who I had considered to be intelligent. His response was that he, too, doesn't like Ann Coulter. He finds her "rude and crude." He also admitted that he had not read any of her books and that his impression of her is based soley on her television appearances.

So were are doomed, as a culture, a civilization, by those future leaders of our nation for whom superficiality runs deep and for whom the third dimension is superfluous.


Anonymous said...

I was not aware of Miss McCain's Beast Blog entry until reading the referenced screed on Ann Coulter. I was surprised to learn that she is 24, and college graduate. She "sounded" like a child.

As for the criticism of Ann Coulter, well, as Ann has said many times, with every criticism she receives, her book sales go up.

Besides, Ann is much better looking and Miss McCain would be better served in dropping 20 selected verbs and a similar number of pounds.

Bill Netherland(Father)
Severna Park

Anonymous said...

She's not a Republican at heart.

She's young, she's hip, she's intelligent. The complete opposite of the GOP (Limbaugh, Jindal, Palin, etc.)

Her voter card only says Republican because of Daddy.

I'd bet she voted Obama.

Anonymous said...

Also, please do not refer to Ann Coulter as "she."

It is VERY obvious that she is a man. Just look at her!

Mike Netherland said...

If you think Ann Coulter is obviously a man then you have obviously never seen a man. Welcome to Earth.

Of course, you also think Meghan McCain is intelligent. It's obvious that you have never read her blog or heard her speak. Sponge-Bob Square-Pants sounds more intelligent.