Sunday, January 07, 2007

Conservative PODcasts: Another Step in the Right Direction

The cause of conservative politics takes another plodding step forward in Anne Arundel County with Greg Kline's Conservative Refuge pod-casts. Mr. Kline, long a conservative Republican activist in the county, made a gallant yet unsuccessful bid in last summer's Primary race for Delegate in 33A.

He has since been laboring to cast a conservative light onto county politics and policy as we look towards 2008 and beyond through his Blog, The Conservative Refuge, and now with radio-show-like recordings featuring Greg's take on the week in politics, Republican party scheduled events, a "round table" discussion with other conservative bloggers, interviews with party poobahs and elected officials, etc.

I have listened to both "shows" and I applaud Greg for his effort in exploring new ways to get Republicans, especially conservatives to express and debate themselves. The concept is new enough to allow us to help shape it and Greg is open to new ideas. So I encourage you to give it a listen and give Greg your thoughts. But let's be constructive.

Here's what you do:

1. Click here:
2. Pick a Show by click on the little POD icon to the left of each show title. If you click on the show title you don't get anything.
3. Your computer should start your Windows Media Player and begin to play the MP3 audio file.
4. The first minute and a half consists entirely of sound clips from different movie and radio shows (Greg, despite it's popularity among certain members of the Kline is a bit much and is confusing. Consider cutting it down to 15 seconds and prefix the theme with something to suggest to the listener that they are actually listening to your show.)
5. Then listen to the show. I suggest opening an e-mail message to record your thoughts on the show as it progresses and send them to Greg and\or to the ThePublicSquare.

I am not sure how it works on a "Pod" or how to subscribe. I think Greg needs to explain a bit about these concepts. To the younger set it may all be second nature but I am not a pod owner and I am still not sure what a subscription is or what a "feed" is but I am willing to learn!

I will write more extensively on this subject on MY blog here I hope Greg reads it! Maybe Greg will host a Public Square segment....

Mike Netherland

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