Monday, January 08, 2007

Re: [ThePublicSquare] Conservative PODcasts: Another Step in the Right Direction


Thank you for mentioning the show and giving everyone some very good instructions on how to listen to the show on their computer.

The show is also available through iTunes and is downloadable to any iPod or mp3 player. The url to suscribe is

I am always happy to help anyone who has difficulty in accessing the show.

The show is a work in progress and we have to this point simply letting people know about it by word of mouth and mentions on the internet.

As you can tell, Mike has been very geneorous with his suggestions and I certainly do welcome any feedback people may have about the show.

If you heard our second installment you know about the "Open Door" policy for guests on the show. I hope a number of the members of this group will take advantage of this to spread the word about what we are doing in the county.

Thank you for listening.

Greg Kline

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