Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Miracles

At some time or another we have all heard of blessings that seem to arrive on or about December 25th. Whether we were personally blessed or word comes to us that others so deserving were touched by an angel doesn't really matter. We are no less filled with happiness.

This year, we freedom-loving people everywhere were once again blessed. The angel: Bernard Madoff. Yes, THAT Bernie Madoff. One of our sources on the PublicSquare group tells us that one of the many victims of "Madman" Madoff's incredible fraud was none other than the American Civil Liberties Union.
From the Desk of Alma Montclair
Director of Administration and Finance
American Civil Liberties Union
DearACLU Supporter,
"...You have, no doubt, heard about theBernard Madoff Ponzi scheme in which investors have been horribly defrauded of up to $50 billion. What you may not know is that two foundations that have been incredibly generous and longstanding supporters of our national security and reproductive freedom work have been victimized by the Madoff scandal -- forced to close their doors and terminate their grants.

"That means that $850,000 in support we were counting on from these foundations in 2009 simply won't exist."
See what I mean? You can almost feel the joy and happiness brimming within you. Let it out! Sing and dance! Run to the nearest public school and shout out the Lord's prayer! Oh, if only every foundation that supported "our national security AND reproductive freedoms" (sounds like the Margaret Hoover Foundation) were investing with Madoff, we would truly be free! But we'll take what we can get.

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