Friday, December 05, 2008

Young 'Republicans' II

Wow. The YRs are nothing if not networked. I guess I touched a nerve with my last post. YRs from all over the eastern seaboard hit my blog after Brian Griffiths took umbrage with my accusation that the YRs, at least in this county, are politically correct.

Sam from Odenton (my only comment apart from that of my biggest fan) wrote: Maybe they should call it " The Annual All White People Christmas Party". Apparently this would be redundant according to the YRs.

Where is the spirited defense of the inoffensive, the innocuous, the inert? Here, let me help:

Mike, you insensitive person, you. Yes, I know you are a male, but I choose, of my own free will, to refer to you as a person, because it's not fair to assume that you identify yourself as a man as opposed to a woman. Anyway, what is wrong with having a "Holiday" party instead of a "Christmas Party" like the Old Republicans of the North County variety? We are young and sensitive and inclusive and multicultural and stuff. Now why don't you get with the program? Knock it off with the "Christmas" cards and "Merry Christmas."

Or something like that.

So while Brian Griffiths of Pasadena grapples with "branding" (whatever the Hell that means) my family is watching Lady Thatcher in a speech she made at GOPAC in 1994. In one of her closing remarks she expresses complete disbelief that in a nation whose motto is "In God We Trust," that its Supreme Court would rule against teaching or even mentioning the word God in the public schools.

And while Brian loses sleep over candidate development strategies, he can take comfort that he has thrown in with the liberal elite by abandoning his cultural heritage and has therefore made the YRs immune from the attacks and derision of the left. Yes, the liberal Democrats will now praise the Anne Arundel County YRs for their progressiveness.

Way to go, Brian!

Meanwhile I just received from a fellow Old Republican an e-mail regarding an interview on CBS with Ben Stein recently in which he recited from something he had written regarding being a Jew and living in a predominantly Christian society. In it he "confesses" that "I am a Jew," "...And it does not bother me even a little bit" when people refer to Christmas trees or when then wish him Merry Christmas. Nor, I will bet, does it offend him to be invited to a Christmas party.

I think Mr. Griffiths and the members of the YRs, Jew and Gentile, could learn something from Mr. Stein.


Brian Griffiths said...

Yeah....damn me for concerning myself with trying to win elections and elect conservatives to office as opposed to doing whatever it is you're trying to accomplish with this.

Mike Netherland said...

Brian, You might be trying to elect conservatives, but as the last two elections have shown, your method is not working. To be fair, it is not your method, however it seems to be that of Generation '?' leaders like Margaret Hoover.

What I am trying to do is point out that you have willingly abandoned conservative core values and your own national heritage and have adopted liberal politically correct orthodoxy in conducting yourself socially and politically.

This is why we have lost in the past and why we will continue to lose until 'we' are no longer distinguishable from 'them.'

Brian Griffiths said...

You have a lot of nerve to say that I have abandoned anything.

What have you done to help elect a good conservative recently?

Mike Netherland said...

What have I done? Do you you think those HARRIS for CONGRESS signs go up by themselves? I drove around this county nearly every weekend in the rain and the cold during the primary and the general puting up those things. My truck is full of building materials. In gasoline alone I've contributed hundreds of dollars to the campaign.

I was the first to post an interview with Andy Harris, travelling to Crisfield to do it.

Who was the blogger who hounded Gilchrest for years? For years while you were busy branding.

For the last eight years I've trying to get the county GOP to embrace the Internet and set up list serves and candidate websites for Janete Greenip, Bob Duckworth, Terry Gilliland. I defended Tony McConkey after he was villified for winning his first primary.

Aside from that, not much.

retgroclk said...

The only way conservatives will win again is when they stop squabbling over the definition of what conservatism means.

It is a well know fact that the majority of the people are conservative at heart.

I would even go as far to say they aremostly libertarian. They wwant to be left alone and they want to keep their money, and they want to accept whoever they want whenever they want.

It is not about opposing various interest groups-it is about finding a common core of beliefs and uniting around that core.

There are gay conservatives, atheist conservatives, even pot smoking, rock and roller conservatives. They all have their quirks but many of them believe in the basic core of conservatism- less government, less taxed and less interfence in our lives.

So get over the trivial stuff and concentrate on the core.

bud said...


So you were the one putting up those signs on right of ways and church properties?