Friday, June 26, 2009

GOP: Defend Joyce Thomann!

Well, just as sure as night follows day, the Republicans of Anne Arundel County can't seem to find the spine to defend one of their own against a predictable smear campaign by the liberal sharks of the blogoshpere.

For my readers who may not be familiar with the latest attack, it involves one of the hardest working, most eloquent, knowledgeable, warmest and patriotic couple ever to grace the MD GOP: Joyce and Chuck Thomann. Yes. Joyce Thomann. She is known to most Republicans in MD as the author of the "Dear Friends" calls to political action. Firing off thousands of e-mail messages a year, exhorting the faithful and the patriotic to defeat this or that misguided legislation, support this or that wonderful Republican candidate.

For the past ten years or maybe more, she has lent her passion and influence to the Republican Women of Anne Arundel County (RWAAC), promoting their events and giving that otherwise obscure and apparently illiterate group a voice. Each of her Dear Friends letters was featured in the RWAAC website, until recently. Just before flying to her 96-year-old mother's side in Colorado she fired off what I hope won't be her last message.

On the eve of the take over of yet another American industry by the socialists, she implored her friends to rally against what she saw as a "Blitzkrieg" by the Obama administration by conducting a blitzkrieg of our own of phone calls and letters and e-mail.

Well, this was just too rich for liberal blogger and delegate candidate Judd Legum. How could he pass up an opportunity to grab the spotlight for 15 seconds? Calling on all members of the GOP to denounce Joyce picking up on a posting by Paul Foer, another liberal blogger and recent weekly columnist for the Annapolis Kapital.

I, and a few others, jumped to Joyce's defense on Inside Charm City, which picked up both postings and on Legum's blog. I warned Republicans that I would be HIGHLY disappointed" in those who failed to defend Joyce and I would work to "ruin" the political career's of those who folded.

The next day, the very LAST group I expected to give in to this pressure, were the illiterati of the RWAAC. My letter to them:

I'd like to ask you a few questions regarding this statement recently published on your web site:
"Urgent message from RWAAC Board of Directors: The article put on our web site by Joyce Thomann was done solely by her. Our Board of Directors never saw the article and would never have approved it. We are not in support of Mrs. Thomann's personal thoughts ot opinions."
What, aside from earning your organization the contempt and revulsion one reserves for the spineless and disloyal of God's creatures, did you hope to accomplish by publishing such tripe?

Do you know what blogs are? Have you read any of them? This is how one of Md's leading Republican bloggers put it: "The RWAAC Just Threw Joyce Thomann Under the Bus!"

I haven't even looked at the liberal blogs...yet. How wonderful for the RWAAC which will now become the darling of the liberal media. Was this your goal? Seriously. Is there not a single Republican in this county with a spine or principles or common sense?

My advice to you is to pack it up. Today. Don't wait another second. Sell what you can now before word gets out that you threw Joyce Thomann under the bus. And word will get out. I will spend the entire weekend making sure words gets out.

By the way, I will be posting this on my blog and I will post your reply just to be fair. If I were you...I wouldn't reply.
So far there is no reply from the Board. That evening the letter hit the Political Notes section of the Kapital. No longer confined to the blogoshphere. GOP Women Compare Obama to Hitler! Liberal bloggers up in arms, e-mail campaign underway. If I were you ladies, I would get ready for the Kaptial's story on how the RWAAC suddenly does not agree with the most influential member of the group's "personal thoughts o[r] opinions."

To all Republicans reading this: Grab your spine and stand up in defense of our wonderful friend. Saying nothing or folding like a cheap suit (a la the RWAAC) will get us no where. If you are contacted by a blogger or by the Annapolis Press Release, please have something intelligent to say. Like:

"I happen to agree that the socialists in Washington are employing blitzkrieg-like tactics against the American people and economy. And I happen to agree that we need to fight fire with fire and launch our own blitzkrieg in defense of the American way of life."

Or something like that. Write to the RWAAC at and support Joyce while admonishing the gutless wonders on the board of directors.


Don Dwyer said...


Thanks for bringing this to my attention.
Please post the following.

As Republicans its somewhat obvious that we have lost our way.
We have somehow forgotten about the freedoms that our Founders fought, bled and died for!

One of the freedoms that we "Republicans" have always defended is the right to free (unsensored) speech. Now my dear friend Joyce Thomann is being thrown aside for saying what she believes. What the H_ _ _ is wrong with you????

Isn't it obvious that there are great similarities between the Socialist (Communist) views of the Obama administration. Aren't you concerned that we are loosing the very country and values that our Founders fought, bled and died for? I am and so are many Americans.

I hope that we Republicans will grow a backbone and fight like H_ _ _ to save this State and our country.


Please have the courage and integrity to apologize to Joyce Thomann and her highly decorated military hero husband Charles.

Constitutionally yours,
Delegate Don Dwyer

Mike Netherland said...

Whew! Glad to know that I'm not alone on this; that there are spineful Republicans still out there. I mean when the Kapital, the Sun and MSNBC's K. Olbermann are attacking you, it's good to have loyal Republicans who will stand up for you.

Unfortunately there are too many who would let hard-fought primary campaigns embitter them and watch contentedly as the wolves drag one of own our off to a grisly end.

True Republicans are an endangered species in MD, especially in Anne Arundel County, and we need to protect every one. For those who are making a public display of giving back money donated by Joyce and Chuck, just remember, the wolves will come back and they really could care less about your instant display of political correctness.

And who will come to your defense?

Anonymous said...

Dear Mike,
Thanks for getting the word out. This is a very sad story. Here's a copy of my email to the Anne Arundel GOP group:

"I am truly appalled at the example you have given your supporters! For merely criticizing the Obamassiah, one will be thrown under the bus and dismissed in any horrible fashion the liberal media demands. After 8 years of heinous attacks on George Bush, (calling him a drunk...a liar...books demanding his conviction as a murderer...etc, etc...) the mere reference of a 'blitzkrieg' of economic disasters has you bowing over backwards to the progressive, totalitarian fascists in the press. You are the spineless, gutless wonders that are demolishing the hopes of what remains of the Republican Party and this once great Country of America."

Susan Monteleone

Louisa Baucom said...

Dear Mike,
Thanks for standing up for Joyce. She is a fine, hardworking and dedicated lady who has always been a friend of every conservativer Republican in Maryland. I am proud to know her and be considered her friend. To see her abandoned by RWAAC a club that she built with her blood sweat and tears is heartbreaking. Furthermore, I agree with her comments. Just compare the policies of this administration with those of Hitler and the similarities cannot be ignored.

Louisa Baucom
Anne Arundel County Republican

Mike Netherland said...

Susan and Louisa,
Thanks for your comments. I think this chapter in Joyce's career will prove to be a watershed for conservatives like us, who are some how able to speak plainly and to whom concepts such as free markets and rule of law are not alien or archaic.

Nickname unavailable said...

Gosh Mike -

I noticed you failed to quote anything of substance from the offending material. It opened with "Obama and Hitler have a great deal in common in my view. [...]"

Had I written such an item on my blog - but substituted 'George W Bush' in place of 'Obama' - would you have been so quick to leap to my defense, or fail to quote the most inflammatory lines?

I think not.

Also, it will be interesting to see if this comment is posted - after all, it's my right as an American to express my opinion, correct?

Mike Netherland said...

I didn't bother to quote anything Joyce wrote. I read what she wrote and understood it, as have many other bloggers.

I defended her because I have known her for a long time to be a loyal member of our cause, and she was being attacked by liberal Democrats who, like you, saw Hitler and Obama and went wild.

I don't know you or what you stand for so I couldn't less what you wrote about anything.

If you stick around, Nick, you'll see that I don't much care about what the liberals do and say. I see my job as making sure Republicans are doing and saying things that support the conservative cause. Because for some reason, I don't expect the Democrats to do that for me.

Read a few more posts, go through the's free!

Anonymous said...


Listen to compare anyone to anything is a right, i mean if some one compared him to a pile of shit an that his plans are shitty would it be the same as or any better than calling him hitler? No, this is just another "statment" taken to far... The fact is if i cant compare some one to anything not even another human being no matter who it is if its hitler or jfk it shouldnt matter its one persons personal opinion an if that is not considered freedom of speech i dont know what is. My right as a citizen of the united states of america, is that i can speak my opinions no matter who it offends even the presedent, it is our right to speak out aginest him if he is makeing the wroung choices. If we lose that right we may as well give up all of them because with out opinion we would all be communist. An for those who think its rasict to say obama is like hitler hes half white an also if a black person said that bush was acting like a nazi would that be rasict(maybe...) but it would be that individuals right to speak that opinion. An its not slander to compare someone more or less to say they have done somthing illegal or immoral when there is not truth but to compare him to hitler an say that his plan is failing is a matter of opinion... In the US it is aginest the law to threaten or slander the president but to compare thats a diffrent story. It would be diffrent if you compared him to jesus maybe that might work in his favor. Politics are kinda like a love hate relationship partys love praise but cant take a punch some of these people need to just grow up an if they cant take the heat get outa the kitchen. Just the dims tryin to break down the rebs and scatter them to raise their partys rep and power. Tell me if you think their is some kinda reasoning to what I am trying to say. Sorry if anythings misspelled or profane. Rep the Reb. An sorry to Joyce in this world ignorance is a 6 sense if someone has a problem with what you say then the only problem would be if you didnt deffend it.