Friday, June 26, 2009

RWAAC: Thomann Must Resign

UGH! I have on some authority that the Board of Directors of the RWAAC will ask Joyce Thomann to resign as president of that august body. The Board is also reportedly pulling out of the Fourth of July parade in Annapolis "out of fear Thomann's comments would bring harm to RWAAC members."

From the RWAAC web page, I believe the following to be the members of the Board of Directors:
  • First Vice President Carolyn Middleton
  • Second Vice President Carol Ann Lee
  • Third Vice President Jan Holland
  • Treasurer Patricia Root
  • Assistant Treasurer Mary A. Fink
  • Recording Secretary Barbara G. Reynolds
  • Asst Rec. Secretary Marti Fridrich
  • Corresponding Sec. Sylvia Pailthorp
My comments are directed at these fine ladies. I believe you to be shallow and devoid of substance if you persist in this masquerade of offense and concern for your membership. It just boggles the mind why you would rise to take such cheap bait. Think of the hurt, the real hurt (not the fake hurt you are throwing around) you are causing the Thomanns. I don't know any of you. The face and voice of the RWAAC, for me anyway, was Joyce Thomann. She loved your organization as much as she loved the GOP. Now you have have just flushed that love down the toilet.

And for what? I ask again. (Chuck, will you read to the Board the letter I sent to them?) What do you think you have gained other than scorn? You always had the scorn of the liberals and the DWAAC or whatever the Democratic Women are calling themselves. And you always will. But now, you have my scorn, and that of other principled Republicans in the county.

You are the kind of Republicans that make conservatives sick to their stomachs and have led the Republican Party to defeat after defeat, handing over the country to a bunch of socialists. I doubt very seriously that the membership of RWACC would want anything more to do with you.

Now if any of you has the guts to respond (you can use the e-mail thing), I will post your comments as is.

To Joyce I offer to set up a blog for you and help you maintain it. You can write whatever comes to mind. You can even use it to promote the RWAAC-Os who have unceremoniously dumped you. I wouldn't be surprised if she did continue to promote her beloved RWAAC. How rich the reward...


John Norton said...

The weak quality of thought that you are attempting to support and encourage, is precisely the kind of noise that is propelling the Republican Party toward irrelevance. Consider the merits of thinking through ideas rather than simply blurting out shallow reactions. That way, rather than being cited as another tiresome example of the problem, you might be taken seriously. The noisy bad boy in the back row of the classroom gets a lot of attention, but never any respect. It is the pulpit of a loser.

Mike Netherland said...

Mr. Norton,
Thank you for your comment. It is markedly unobscene and well written with attention to grammar and punctuation styles and conventions. Very illiberal! You are obviously not getting your daily dose of HuffPo and KOS.

If only more liberals would write like you, we could have civil discourse returned to politics.

OK, so I am not being taken seriously because if I am thinking through my ideas, I am not expressing them very well in print. Point taken. I was as a matter of fact thinking the same thing as I re-read my posts.

Noise. Hmmmm. Let's go with that. I am not the one who dropped the tray of dishes (decline of the Republican Party...slide toward irrelelvance). I am, rather, the floor. And if the dishes make an awful sound when they crash on the floor, do you blame the floor?

"The Noisy Bad-Boy" blogger, is more interesting, though, than "The Floor."

David K. Kyle said...

Mr. Norton, you are an example of what is wrong with this country. Those on the left no matter how small a minority can stand up raise their voices, make a fuss, and get what they want even if a majority of Americans don't approve. Yet you want Republicans to sit down shut up and try to have a debate with those that are yelling and screaming. Christ Almighty, do you think all Republicans are stupid? Do you really think that will get us anywhere? It won't and that is a fact, but it is what you and your kind want so you can have your way without opposition.
The Republican Party is not being propelled to irrelevance. Regardless that your Dear Leader won, McCain, a piss poor candidate got 55 million votes! That is not irrelevance except in the minds of those on the left.

Eye On Annapolis said...

I think there was a very well reasoned response sent to Capital Punishment (blog) where it was stated that the reference was more related to Hitler's rise to power and not the ultimate man he became. I do not think Thomann was alluding to Obama and any atrocities.

However, I do agree with this blog's position that the RWACC can;t have it both ways. Either she was a problem or she wasn't. To all of a sudden to say she "was" a problem only after the heat is turned up is disingenuous.

Thomann was clear--it was her opinion.

The RWACC is going about this all wrong and they need to simply state that the opinion of Thomann is not necessarily the opinion of the group and then go march proudly in the parade honoring our nation's independence!

Our forefathers did not shy away from criticism. They looked it in the face and persevered.

One of the contributing writers at Eye On Annapolis has opined on this very issue.

RWACC---very poorly done!s

Bill Netherland said...

I should have invested in paper and ink instead of mutual funds, given the newsprint and blogosphere traffic concerning Joyce Thomann. But the kicker was the letter to the Editor in today's (Saturday, 27 June) from the Chairman of the Annapolis Democratic Central Committee excoriating all Republicans from Cheney to Joyce. Whew!

The Kapital told the story in yesterday's (Friday, 26 June) edition. I receive my copy of the Kapital at approximately 4:30 in afternoon. Mr. Berry had to read the story, write a Letter to the Editor, mail it, get a call from the Kapital for verification, and viola! its published in less than 24 hours!

During the 2002 campaign, I headed a group of 30 writers to produce letters to the editor in support of Bob Ehrlich . I KNOW the speed at which the Kapital turns around letters. I had 19 letters published in three different papers, and none were published in less than 10 to 15 days. Oh, wait a minute, those letters were in support of a Republican.

I have long held the Kapital for exactly what it is, a mouthpiece for liberal opinion, but less than 24 hours? Watch it guys, people might find out

John Norton said...

Mr. Kyle,

Thank you for elevating my status from simply being a problem for my family and friends, to being an example of what is wrong with the nation. Your flattery makes me blush.

Please let me correct one of your assertions, and answer one of your questions. First, you are mistaken, Mr. Obama is not my “Dear Leader”; I carry no affection for him. A plague o' both your houses! Second, no, I do not think all Republicans are stupid. I never make that assumption about anyone. However, when a man makes an effort to prove to me that he is stupid, what am I to think?

As Mr. Netherland rightly says, the floor is not to blame. I do not want anyone to shut up. Can you agree that it is difficult to hear anything above the noisy echo of clattering dishes in an empty room? A poorly crafted rant, devoid of original thinking, is simply a noisy echo in an empty room.

I am merely recalling the non-partisan plea by my eighth-grade English teacher: Think clearly to write clearly. Without that, you have nothing to say.

David K. Kyle said...

Then where pray tell is Mike's weak thought and frankly nothing could be more quiet than a posting on a blog. You see the problem is that while the Democrats are up in arms about what Thomann said you think Mike should tone it down.
When the Democrats are willing and have proven that they are willing to destroy people to get what they want why should we meekly raise our hands and asked to be called upon? Doers it make sense to idly sit back and let them vent all they want on this old lady who was simply giving her opinion? I say not, because that is what is wrong with the Republican Party.
Until about a month ago I was an Independent after leaving the party because its leadership was so screwed up. I perfectly agree that both parties have serious problems and what we see happening with the groveling for forgiveness is one of the problems with the Republican Party. We don't need leadership that caves to the pressure that the Democrats would never cave to. Until one stands up to the bully, they will always be at the disadvantage. The Democrats count on Republicans to start lynching their own for the slightest reasons. I am not going to do this unless it is justified. If you knew me you would know that I have come under fire repeatedly for pointing out when Republicans fail in their duty. For me it is not about party, but principles. Our gutless Republicans that are attacking Mrs. Thomann do so out of fear of being lumped into what she said, which in effect was nothing at all. She did not call Obama, Hitler she simply gave an example of tactics used. Democrats want to demonize her when she did absolutely nothing wrong, yet you think we should lower our voices and take it. Where do you think that will get us? Where do you think it gets this nation if the can scream at the top of their lungs with their hateful words and make threats to anyone that dares challenge them?
Look at the example in NY. When the Democrats lose they walk out and refuse to do the work they were elected to do because they don't like the results, they want to be in control, they want they power. It is high time that Republicans stood up to these lunatics that are going to drive this country off a cliff, they care for nothing less than remaining in power. And before you think I am being one sided there are many Republicans that have put us into this situation as well. I think they should be removed from office because they are serving themselves and not the country.
I should also say I do not agree with your teacher at least in the political realm. Her opinion might work for a school paper, but not in politics. We already have too many cold-calculating politicians, and you can look around and see where that has brought us. We need people willing to act on their convictions and do what they believe to be right, and if standing up for the opinions of a lady that gave her own views is somehow wrong, then we are serious trouble. Those Republicans that have caved to the pressure of the mob in my opinion don't deserve to be in the office they hold.