Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Republican Hypocrites?

OK, I am taking a lot of flak, as resident ideologue within the circle of friends I have come to know over the years, on the Terry Schiavo case. Principled and emotional postions taken by Republicans are yet more examples of right-wing hypocrisy. Every moral and political brick in the foundation of conservatism is now painted with Schiavoism. Federalism, limited government, and soon, I'm sure, the War on Terror, can no longer be carried into political campaigns as standards of the Grand Old Party.

No. We let ourselves get taken with a single, tragic case, one of thousands in the country alone, I'm sure. I am surprised, though, that the liberals have yet to find a connection between the Schiavo's parents, Haliburton and, of course Dick Cheney. Why else would the Republicans so passionately take up the cause at the highest levels of government? C'mon you guys...there must be something...wait, isn't Terry Schiavo starving in a hospital in Florida? And isn't the Governor of Florida George Bush's brother? Aaa Ha!

Well, I don't see a need to explain or justify or some how square the actions of a great many Republicans in and out of Congress with the principles of the conservative ideal of government. I don't therefore see the contradictions and hypocrisy, blindingly visible to liberals, in men and women expressing their faith on behalf of the poor soul and her family. Keeping to their faith, might not these Republican hypocrites affect a thousand other similar plights?

Is there not room or a need for political action to guide us in future similar circumstances? It is obvious to me, that the mere fact of this case going from State to Federal courts and back again that there might be some ambiguity in the current law. This requires us to debate the issue and, if necessary, make law.

But no. Let us instead heckle the Republicans for daring to defend their faith and one who cannot possibly defend herself. The Democrats all but one, I believe, stayed away from the Congressional debate. Unusual for the great gas bags of the world, the party of the little people, the common man, of the oppressed, downtrodden, homeless, helpless, etc.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

News of My Demise.....

OK, Barb. Regarding the African-American topic, I have, as a matter of fact, interviewed several black friends of mine. As it turns out, none of them (and none of their black friends) are African-American. If they must be classified, they prefer Black.

I have invited them to comment on the topic. However, unlike you and I , they are reserving their opinions for more private consumption.

My next post will be on the entirely fabricated etiquette of holiday greetings.

Has the world stopped moving?

I don't know what other hypothesis to come up with. Mike is apparently either decomposing as we speak or, worse yet, reading up on Hunter Thompson's passages that lead one to think of doing the unspeakable. I doubt the second hypothesis. Mike and Hunter do not share the same Cobain-style "fuck me till I'm dead, because it won't matter" view. Cobain got the credit because he was younger, more in your face, and Thompson took the back stage exit. Thompson had a hellofalot more to say. I belive Thompson's critics were jealous. Cobain had an audience. Hence the difference with press.

Mike, Hey, still there? Should we send the paramedics?


Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Time AND Newsweek toss a few bones to Bush

Okay, I know you feel that Time and Newsweek are the People magazines of politics, but look at what those People magazines are saying this week:

"Is the Bush Doctrine Paying Off?" (Time)

"People Power--where Bush was Right" (Newsweek)

Oooh, ummm...hummm....maybe my hat might not taste too bad in a stew...however, time has yet to tell fully...just a first morning light for the Bush Administration. And believe me, I'd be so happy to feel that his view was right, and so happy to admit my wrong view, if indeed it turns out to be good things for the long run in the Middle East. Nothing could be better for this planet!


Monday, March 07, 2005

Goodbye Dan.

Well, I suppose the conservatives will be all throwing office parties on Wednesday when Dan Rather retires. I, on the other hand, will miss him. He's been as much a part of my life as Walter Cronkite was when I was a kid growing up. Without his broadcasts, my day will feel empty.

Critics who "question his bona fides as a hands-on reporter forget the days and nights he's spent in the anchor chair during times of national crisis, holding air for hours with the teleprompter shut off, interviewing, editing, directing coverage," Steve Kroft (of 60 Minutes) says. "You have to be a great journalist and broadcaster to do that. If you are deficient in either category, you'll be exposed as a fraud in 15 minutes."

I think there are things to fault him on, surely, but he was tough, and bridged a generation from Vietnam through Iraq--which given the change that simulataneously occured in our nation's current of ideology, had to be tough to do. He's branded as liberal because he came of age in a time of liberal thought....but he at least always made a case for theatrics, if nothing else!! HA! Remember Bush VS. Gore on election night? "His back is at the wall, he is feeling the fires grabbing at his coat tail..." or something along those lines, which he later had to eat, fist and all.

I'll miss the old guy. I grew to like him, probably just as much as you grew to dislike him, Mike, yes, or no?

Saturday, March 05, 2005

BTK and other issues

Hey, follow the BTK killings and the new arrest of the supposed killer? Interesting. Something about serial killers seem to always capture our imagination. And funny how most of the serial killers in this country are white, educated males. Thoughts?

Also, sad about the Italian journalist who was held captive in Iraq and was shot at at a check point. I'm sure it was just the fog of war, but a shame nonetheless, considering her freedom maker, an Italian spy, was killed at that US check point by a US soldier. Sad, and undoubtedly a terrible accident. But war makes accidents like that happen every day.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Bush can't pull it off

Change social security? I don't think so. Bush is starting to waddle like a lame duck already. Or how about the idea of the "consumption" tax? I'd rather privatize social security, or leap out into traffic than support a consumption tax. I don't know, but I see his second term agenda getting bogged down in mud at this point.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Million Dollar Baby

Mike, I must ask, for you knew it would eventually be coming...

What did you think of the Eastwood film (winner of this year's best picture) Million Dollar Baby? If you haven't seen it yet, I don't want to give away the story. But it involves a controversial and political issue that comes as a bit of a shock in a boxing movie. I can't say that I loved the film as much as the Academy, but it has certainly left a little hole in my brain that doesn't seem to want to heal. Thoughts?