Thursday, July 28, 2005

While you were away....

Sorry Mike, but I am taking over your blog while you are away.

Heck, this gives me all kinds of opportunity!

1) Natalee Holloway--okay, I give. I must admit am fixated by the Foxnews coverage on Greta's show. I do love Greta. No, it is not a news story, but simply a mystery that all of America is hung up on. I hope it lasts....for Fox's sake, but not for her family's.

2) The new Energy Bill--how much money can we give to the oil companies under this cover, and for how long??

3) Carl Rove....haa haaa haaa....not much to add there.

4) John Roberts--yes, a true player in the 2000 election debacle. Nice try letting a few years pass, as if us dems will forget. Nothing like politics.

5) Our NY governor gives--yee ha! Knows he doesn't stand a chance.

6) Boy scouts are stood up by George Bush...hmm....what do you make of that?

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Natalee Holloway


What's your take on the missing girl in Aruba story? How do you like Fox's coverage of it? Would you let your 18-year-old daughter go to Aruba with 124 kids and 7 chaperones? What do you think of the Arubans protests of the mother's comments yesterday?

What do you think happened?