Saturday, April 14, 2007

What Next?

Well now that the GA has concluded without too much damage (many of you will disagree but there's no denying that things could have been worse; we could be celebrating Rachel Carson Day next month), to what do we turn our attentions and considerable intellectual resources?

I have some thoughts on this, of course. Chief among them are the Congressional and National campaigns. Closer to home, I think that it is vital to return the Anne Arundel County Delegation to the GOP where it rightfully belongs. The lack of delegation control has consigned our fair county's education policy to the cronies, nephews, and golfing buddies of those still unknown members of The Commission. Well, at least we were spared the horrors of turning school board elections into a "popularity contest" as one of our West County brethren has maintained. I feel so much better knowing that Bob Burdon's business buddies will have first refusal when it comes time to put names into The Commission hat.

But hey, what difference does it make, really? The Teacher Union-infested public school system will roll right over whoever is on the school board, regardless how they got there. So we lost and Leopold won. I wonder, though...what did he win, exactly? Why would he have fought so damn hard against fellow Republicans for such a meaningless prize? It must be the potential political favors he and Mr. Burdon and the rest of the bring-home-the-bacon crowd expect to wield.

Ok, back to the Congressional and National campaigns. I had been brooding over the field of presidential contenders. I am still hopeful that Newt will jump in. But I am absolutely on fire about a possible Fred Thompson bid. On fire is putting it mildly. Have you seen the polls? He would take the Primary if held tonight. He has a ton of conservatives ablaze as well. And he would be enjoying really solid financial backing if he had only made a move earlier. As such, Mitt Romney is now the Tennessee Mafia's boy. Go figure.

Anyway, as soon as he announces, I will be volunteering to help with his Maryland Campaign. Go to my blog at and use the links to the Thompson sites or to Michelle Malkin's HotAir site to keep up on Fred! Check and vote on some of the on-line polls. And you skeptics, go ahead and try to burst my bubble. Just start from why you think he can't win or why he shouldn't make a better president than X.

As far as the Cong. Dist 1 campaign goes, all I can say is that the time has never been more ripe for regime change. I will also volunteer to aid whoever decides to challenge the incumbent.

Mike Netherland
Severna Park