Friday, December 28, 2007

Harris v Pipkin

The folks over at Red Maryland are having a grand ol' time trying to define conservatism, its founders, its leaders past and present and what it has to do with the Republican Party. Some of the comments are just ridiculous and warrant little if any attention. However, in between the bouts of silliness, a debate emerged, here and in other blogs, as to the worthiness of a true conservative representing CD-1.

Bud of Bud's Blog writes: "Harris thinks standing with a certain political party makes him some good conservative. In reality, that proves he's only a lapdog partisan. Go Pipkin!" And again in response to my comment Bud writes: "You're operating under the false assumption that siding with the republicans means you've voted conservative."

Nothing could be further from the truth. I say again, I take a back seat to no one when it comes to trashing my own party for doing and saying things that make being a Republican embarrassing for conservatives. Harris will stand with the Republicans when it is time to vote. Up until then he will make the conservative case.

I expect to read future news items that go something like this: Harris, who vehemently opposed yet another Farm Bill and lectured his Republican colleagues for pandering to a powerful lobby, nonetheless voted with the rest of the GOP delegation to approve the latest reauthorization. "It turns my stomach to have cast this vote," Harris said after the vote. "But this is what I promised to do when I was elected. Voting against the GOP would not have made a difference in the outcome but it would have disappointed my Republican constituents back home."

My comment is case you don't get around to reading the RedMaryland blog.
"No, Pipkin is probably not a liberal, however, his supporters refer to him as a 'moderate.' Gilchrest was a "moderate" when he went to Washington. Do we really want to take a chance on another one?
"No. A Partisan is exactly what we need. Someone who will add to the votes and voices of the minority Party in Congress. You see, in order to hold sway over critical pieces of legislation we need votes. We DON'T need independent thinkers. The time for independent thinking comes during the debate or the hearings. But if and when you've failed to convince the rest of your party that yours is the way to vote, then you DAMN well better vote with the rest of the GOP.
Harris will vote with the rest of the party because the vote agrees with conservative values; or the rest of the party will vote with Harris because he has articulated the conservatism of his position.
"That is what I and his other supporters expect him to do. Why? Because it is what WE would do if we were in his shoes. It's perfectly simple.
"Pipkin? I don't know the guy. He would, I assume, see the conservative values in, say, securities lawmaking. But hey, Warren Buffett would be the same way, wouldn't he? Would you want Warren Buffett representing you in Congress? No. Or how about all the fine upstanding businessmen and women in US Chamber of Commerce, busy helping the ACLU and AFL-CIO bring in illegal aliens? No, I don't think they can be trusted, either, with upholding the principles of liberty, small government and faith in God, unless there's a buck in it for them."

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Phyllis Schlafly Endorses Harris

Arguably one of conservatism's leading lights, Phyllis Schlafly has taken a critical look at the first district's Republican primary and has judged that the sheep need a shepherd! Maybe this will give the other national conservative personalities pause before running to the aid of yet another liberal and duplicitous Republican safe-seater.

December 26, 2007
Contact: Chris Meekins 443-553-4794

Eagle Forum PAC Endorses Andy Harris

Annapolis - A nationally recognized conservative organization, Eagle Forum PAC, has endorsed Andy Harris in his bid to unseat incumbent Wayne Gilchrest. Eagle Forum PAC supports candidates who are committed to a conservative philosophy of limited government, national sovereignty, and traditional values.

In the endorsement, Eagle Forum Founder and President, Phyllis Schlafly said, "Andy's articulate conservative voice in the Maryland General Assembly shows he's the right man to represent the first district. From his support for the unborn to limiting the size of government to ensuring that illegal aliens do not receive driver's licenses, Andy knows the issues facing America and is willing to address them head on."

"I am proud to receive the endorsement of this respected conservative organization," said Andy Harris. "I share Eagle Forum's commitment to limited government, support for the unborn, and defense of our national sovereignty."

"This endorsement shows that on February 12, 2008 conservatives have one choice in the first district - Andy Harris," said Chris Meekins, Campaign Manager for Andy Harris for Congress.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Harris for Congress - Against the National GOP!

I have just started a new blog, one that I think will be necessary to draw the attention of nationally-known conservatives like Newt Gingrich, who, according to recent information, is planning to endorse Wayne Gilchrest. I need you to visit the site and register your disappointment at this turn of events by clicking on this link and leaving a comment or two:

According to one commenter, our case would be stronger if we provide examples of why Gilchrest is a bad choice for Speaker Gingrich. I have have provided links to some of my Blog posts that point out some of the votes (just some) that have moved me to write and campaign for Andy Harris.

I look forward to reading your comments there and here. Thanks and Christmas wishes to you all!

Mike Netherland

Saturday, December 15, 2007

The 22nd Blog Carnival of Maryland

I am pleased to host the 22nd Carnival. Below you will find posts that many of MBA's finest bloggers have personally selected from their own blog sites in hopes that exposure on Mike's Nether Land will provide their writings a wider audience than they would otherwise enjoy.

And YOU, dear reader, dear devoted Mike's Nether Land fan, can sample posts from a broad spectrum of ideologies without having to labor over yet another piece of right-wing zealotry and psycho-neurotic "issues" you usually find here.

No. This post won't describe some of the conversation I just had at a little party last night with a house full of all white, all Christian, upper-middle class parents. I won't make a mockery of how many times, within span of a glass of Beaujolais Nouveau I was greeted with "Happy Holidays!" And, "have you finished all of your Holiday Shopping?" Am I travelling for "the Holiday", am I taking time off for "the Holiday." It was as if I had just walked onto the pages of a JC Penny catalog. Every time I asked, "which holiday?" or returned a greeting with Merry Christmas, they looked at me as though I had three heads.

So I have to ask myself, did these people forget, within a single generation, what Christmas is? Have they all been brainwashed at their respective places of employment into wishing their Friends and neighbors well with a bland, meaningless greeting? Perhaps. Do me a favor, hmmm? The next time you see someone, try to avoid using the word "Holidays."

Now for the Carnival!

Michael Swartz reaches to the back of the rack for Ripples from a bailout posted at monoblogue.

The Ridger describes why "the solstice month is all about the sun" in December skies posted on The Greenbelt.

Mark Newgent presents "an essay on what McCartyism was and was not, and its misuse by both the left and the right" in What Was McCarthyism posted at The Main Adversary.

Richard Lee Takes us to school in Everything You Will Ever Need To Know About Business posted at Richard Lee.

Kevin Dayhoff reports on Operation Christmas Tree, where "on Saturday, December 1, 2007, over 300 volunteers gathered at the Carroll County Ag Center to pack 5,000 live decorated Christmas trees for the troops in Iraq," in 20071201 Operation Christmas Tree posted at Kevin Dayhoff - Soundtrack.

Joyce Dowling tells why "volunteers are needed to get more history on the web!" in Dec. 16, history, and the world wide web. I think that while it isn't Beethoven, the piece on McCarthy should count...right? See Creating a Jubilee County: Prince George's Co., MD for more.

Even Attila our Fearless Leader and, of course, the Pillage Idiot, gets one in with "When you think your wife is plotting to kill you, it must be time to go under cover. " Not sure what this has to do with bargain hunting, but I've learned not to put anything past Attila. Looking around for a bargain, perhaps? posted at Pillage Idiot.

Turning to sports, Soccer Dad gives us a play-by-play post mortem on the Ravens latest attempt to play football in At least they beat the spread .

David W. Keelan takes issue with "Howard County Surplus and Comments on quotes in the Baltimore Sun attributed to me" in County Surplus posted at Howard County Maryland Blog.

Matt Johnston gets off the fence and wrestles with the developing dilemma faced by Frederick city and county planners: how much regulation is too much? Read My Worry About Chain Stores In Downtown Frederick and find out.

The Patriot Sharpshooter proves that, conventional wisdom to the contrary, we still DO have Richard Nixon to kick around anymore in: I am not a crook! posted at Common Sense.

And finally, this view on Wreaths Across America "from the top of the foodchain" from Stan over at Blogger1947.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Great Coup

Well it appears the great coup long predicted on RedMaryland and, yes, by Brian Griffiths was not to be. If we are to believe the reportage by Michael Swartz on the Monoblogue of the events of the Fall Convention, there wasn't a peep from all those Executive Committee members who were supposedly sharpening their knives and burning for regime change.

Not a word was heard from those so deeply concerned about the "competence" of the current leadership. All we have is Brian Griffiths himself, the only member of this crew with a ounce of self-respect and the conviction to use his real name and stand by his assertions. He will, unfortunately, be left twisting in the wind by the rest of the gang, who, true form so far will deny ever knowing Mr. Griffiths. We'll probably never know who they are unless they slip up and inadvertently identify themselves in their anonymous comments they leave on RedMaryland posts.

The anonymous commenters have accused me of being insufficiently "involved" in state or county politics to be a qualified observer, let alone critic. They want to know how many doors have I knocked on, how many signs have I waved, how many voter registrations have I collected. My answer is: As many as time and opportunity would allow, I suppose. I have supported conservative Republican candidates and elected officials in the best way I know how. I joined the Elephant Club and revamped its website, adding all of its content and used it to support candidates. I started the Elephant Club list on yahoo and presided over many a great debate. I designed a few websites for local candidates and asked nothing in return.

And, apparently, I don't really know what a political party is supposed to do. Well I am convinced that the party needs to set the political tone and to communicate it throughout the state. People need to know what a Republican is and that the ideology of the Republican Party is and should be conservatism. It is conservatism that resonates with those voters who affiliate themselves with the GOP. And it is those voters who need to see their conservatism in action, in word and deed. When this happens, when the conservative tone is clear and unambiguous, it draws people to it. When Republicans dissemble and use the politically correct lexicon of the left, it is transparent and it is sickening. People turn their backs on just another empty suited, blow-dried politician. They don't vote. They don't defend the party and they certainly don't contribute money.

And, I know what a political party is NOT supposed to do. It is NOT supposed to be an embarrassment to its members every time the leadership opens its collective mouth. It is NOT supposed to honor Democrats at Lincoln Day dinners. And its would-be leaders are NOT supposed to name Democratic delegates as Delegate of the Year. So far under Jim Pelura's watch this has not happened. I would expect to read about John Flynn's resignation the day after it does happen, God forbid.

Mike Netherland
Severna Park

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Anatomy of a Smear

In the last 24 hours, or there abouts, since my last post, I have heard from a half a dozen members of the State and County GOP. It is becoming clear that there is nothing to rumor that some kind of a coup is afoot to seek the installation of a new State Party chairman. There isn't even a drumbeat. I don't have Al Redmer's e-mail address, but I am sure he would be appalled that his good named is being used to further this rumor.

All we really have is a cadre of disaffected individuals, in and out of elected office and at least one who ran, up until yesterday, a respected Republican blog. Here are a few things to remember when reading certain blogs flogging this rumor:

1. The only way to force a siting chairman to step down is to first notify him in a formal letter that is sent to members of the Executive Committee.
2. The Executive Committee must meet and vote in sufficient majority to replace the sitting chairman with a successor.

The members of the Executive Committee I have heard from have not received a formal letter notifying them that such a vote would take place. Therefore such a vote cannot take place during the current Fall Convention.

Given these simple facts, the notion that a vote to oust Jim Pelura is imminent is ridiculous. That certain Republicans, who have, it seems, given up all hope of ever holding elected office in Maryland would spread such a rumor is saddening.

What, if not a vote during this convention to replace Jim Pelura, do these Republicans have to gain by smearing the good names of Jim Pelura and John Flynn and other principled conservatives? There are plenty of other Republicans out there near and far who are indeed deserving of such treatment. Plenty.

The folks I have spoken with personally have no doubt as to what motivates the current smear-merchants. Vengeance and ideology, it turns out are on their agendas. Those currently on the Executive Committee, privy to embargoed documents such as financial statements, budgets and letters clearly marked "Confidential," seek to replace a principled conservative with a squishy, bring-home-the-bacon moderate. I don't know Mr. Redmer but I'm sure he would resent such a characterization. Also, members of this cadre who are not on the Executive Committee seek to right many perceived wrongs against them, the latest of which involved the unpleasantness on the Anne Arundel State Central Committee, by smearing county conservatives.

If there is a strong and ambitious moderate faction of the party, let them persuade the party faithful that theirs is the best way, seek a mandate in the light of day to lead the party, rather than abducting it in the middle of the night. If they have the courage of their convictions, they should stand up and proudly state their arguments and refutations.

Otherwise, I suggest they go back home, turn their compost heaps, watch a few more hours of Lifetime or Oxygen cable TV programming, sip green tea and put in some time on a Re-Elect Wayne Gilchrest phone bank.

Mike Netherland
Severna Park