Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Harris v Pipkin II

Out here in the provinces of Pennsylvania there is little to do. So I blog. On New Year's Eve I sent this letter to E.J. Pipkin via his campaign e-mail address.

Dear Sen. Pipkin,
I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas and join with you to celebrate the beginning of a new year. But I need to know one thing and I think you are the only one who can provide a satisfactory answer: Why have you decided to enter the race against Andy Harris?
While I applaud your stated goal of ending the Republican nightmare incarnated as Wayne Gilchrest, how, exactly, do you suppose to accomplish this stated goal by splitting the ticket against a powerful incumbent? I don't believe this has been adequately addressed and, if you care to, I will post your response on my blog.

You see, your stated goals and your actions are at odds. If you can't see this, then I, and many others, will be most happy to explain it to you. Had you entered the race last Spring, I would be more inclined to support your candidacy. I was willing to support anyone who could unseat Mr. Gilchrest. I would have thought that you and other right-thinking Republicans would have supported Harris when he announced.

I need to know what exactly makes you think that your candidacy will achieve the main goal of throwing the bum out? The way I see it your candidacy virtually guarantees Gilchrest another term. Please convince me that I am wrong.

Mike Netherland
Severna Park