Thursday, June 14, 2007

AACo Public Schools - "Budget Survey"

It comes to my attention (from a a recent and vigiliant member of the Square) that the county school educrats and Teachers Union are taking a poll regarding the 2008 budget!

Yes! They WANT our input on, according to my source, what programs should be cut and what TAX Increases we would support to keep teachers' salaries and union dues flowing. I haven't looked at the poll yet, so I am begging you to go to this site:

And give them a piece of your mind. Please let us now what else you discover and such!

Another vigilant member of the Square writes (emphasis mine):
Mike, Read the questions carefully. They talk about raising revenue for dedicated funds for the board, but both you and I know that the funds taken in go to the general fund and are dispersed from there. Also, perhaps a bit more parochial, our area pays a lot of property and personal taxes, there is no guarantee that the raised funds would ever be used for our schools, as once we turn over our tax money, the County and Board can place it anywhere they want.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder how mucg time andmoney the school administration wasted on this poorly worded opinion survey whose obvious intent is to elicit the desired answers rather than get a true measure of public opinion. Whoever authorized this "poll" should be fired.