Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sometimes I Hate Being Right

Well It appears that the Kapital's latest press release from the Anne Arundel County Public Schools system served to confirm my last message regarding the "unscientific" poll run by the Teachers Association of Anne Arundel County (TAAAC): that the poll would be fed to the Union hacks being passed off as "reporters" to further its agenda of getting more and more money. Even though we were assured by the Kapital editorial board last spring that "we have seen the last of the annual squabbles" over more money for the "education" black hole. I couldn't write; "Fat chance" fast enough and I received anonymous letters claiming I was misinformed and heartless.

You know if I were the author of the press-release-published-as-news-story, I would be shouting about plagiarism! But then again, perhaps I take a bit too much pride in my work as a professional. However, as I said, the poll, as unscientific as is repeatedly disclaimed, was used as I had expected it would. I wonder what other "unscientific polls" the Kapital is willing to prominently feature?

Maybe this "mean-spirited" letter will inspire the Union Tools at the Kapital to ask the simple questions they can't or won't bring themselves to ask. I say again: Fat chance. Nonetheless, I offer myself as a source, or a source of sources, to the professional journalists in TAAAC newsroom, if there are any. I ask nothing in return, except to read one day how a Union hack actually had to answer a few questions.


Greg Kline said...


I tip my cap. You definitely called this one.

Mike Netherland said...

Thanks, Greg! By the way, the reporter wrote back insisting that he is not being paid by the Teachers Union.