Monday, June 25, 2007

Carnival of Maryland #10

Dear readers,
What follows is a post listing articles that have been submitted to what we in the blogosphere call a Carnival. It is a way of sharing posts from around the Maryland blogosphere. Assuming you are reading this because my blog is in your "favorites" ...sigh...or is a link on another of your favorite blogs, then you would not only get my usual humorous generalizations about unions and politicians, you would also get blog posts from other perspectives.

Whether those bloggers will want to associate themselves with me remains to be seen. So if you see any links below, give them a read!

Blog Carnival #10 posts:

#1. Wade Crodhil presents Baltimore City Election 2007 Candidates posted at Politics, Hon.

#2. Michael Swartz from the Eastern Shore is checking up on the doings of his representatives in Congress.

#3. Attila (aka The Pillage Idiot) presents World's most trivial con man posted at Pillage Idiot.

#4. The Ridger presents Un Connect-a-Ride posted at The Greenbelt.

#5. The Ridger presents Red Admiral and friends posted at The Greenbelt.

#6. Zinzindor presents Out of Comptrol posted at Leviathan Montgomery.


Wade Crodhil said...

Thanks for including us!
Wade Crodhil,

The Ridger, FCD said...

Thanks! Didn't expect both of mine.