Tuesday, June 19, 2007

School Board Petition - Sad News?

From the Chairman:
We have received the news we dreaded from the State Board of Elections. It appears that after the counting and validation of the petition signatures turned in for May we have come up short by 275 signatures. We are seeking more information and exploring our options but it would appear that our petition drive has fallen painfully short. Our volunteers did a concientious job in collecting signatures
and the rejection rate was about half of the typical average for these efforts. However, it appears that signatures which were invalidated for technical reasons were the difference. You will be reading about this in the paper today and I wanted to give you a head's up.

I also wanted to thank all of you for the hard work you have given to our effort. Given that the effort was completely grassroots and all volunteer, what you accomplished is nothing short of amazing. Time, not any lack of support, was the enemy.

Thousands of our neighbors joined us in sending a message that our voice should not be silenced in the school board selection process. While the focus of our efforts may now shift, I hope we can continue to work together to give power to the people and not the politicians.

Thank you again for all your hard work and make sure everyone who helped us gets this message.
Greg Kline
Chairman, Citizens for an Elected School Board

For what it's worth, 275 short, on technicalities, is amazing. What was the minimum? Something like 20,000? This should send a BIG message to Anne Arundel County politicians!

Mike N.


Greg Kline said...


Thanks for all your help. The May number was a little less than 20,000 (I will break it all down on the next podcast) but it is no less amazing!


Michael said...

Is that number based on registered voters? Sounds very similar to Salisbury's petition drive failure.

Mike Netherland said...

Welcome to the Nether Land, Michael!

I'll let Greg answer this one...the science of petition drives is beyond me. As far as I know they find the number in the last fortune cookie the had.

Greg Kline said...


The number is a percentage of registered county voters. I am glad you can share our pain.