Tuesday, June 19, 2007

"The Way I see It"

Fred Thompson for President article by a fellow blogger out west:


Check it out. Let me know what you think!

Mike Netherland


Bill Netherland said...

Perhaps because I'm a dedicated Fox news junkie, but I haven't heard any "constant baseless attacks" of Thompson . This blogger may very well be opining from an out west perspective, but I don't see the worth of the invective and of accusing George Will and the eastern elite for the woes of Washington. Bush criticisms are valid for many of the issues, but I would have preferred to read some positive language

Virginian for FDT said...

There have been numerous attacks by Joe Scarborough of FDT's wife, a viscious attack by George Will that Fred lacks substance (I think George Will is firmly for Rudy and Rockefeller Republicans - google the George Will article and you will find it). The Clinton machine and probably Romney or Rudy have also stirred up numerous OPPO attacks as to FDT's Pro-Life credentials (which are better than anyone running), support of McCain-Feingold(which he admits was a mistake and did not work out the way it was intended) and attacks on his lobbying background (no big issue for me and overall quite limited). I too watch FoxNews, but sometimes it is better to hold your friends close, but your enemies closer to get another perspective...our Colorado friend's points are well taken. New Rasmussen Poll out today, Fred in the lead nationally over Rudy.