Friday, June 22, 2007

WSJ and Susan Sarandon

Feedback Letter to the WSJ:

Until this afternoon's lunch I had been for decades enjoying reading the Wall Street Journal, even putting up with its open borders fanaticism and occasionally running across reporting that is blatantly slanted leftward. Recent changes to style and format have turned a once respectable broadsheet daily into a tabloid, however, leaving me cold.

But what caused me to toss my pre-packaged tuna-fish sandwich was the site on the back page of section A of actress Susan Sarandon, featuring the just-crawled-out-of a-clothes-hamper look, head cocked to the right and a not-quite-vacant expression as though she is struggling to put a coherent thought together. This is the page I and, I suspect millions of people who still use two hands to turn to the editorial pages, see first.

I expected to read how she and her batty cohort are trying to stop conservative Republicans from committing this or that atrocity against her and her batty cohort. No. How she is starring in Michale Moore's latest movie "Whacko." No. Raising money to help the poor Islamic freedom fighters of Hezbollah and Hamas purchase better quality plastic explosives, nails and detonators. No. This time she is helping to sell the Wall Street Journal. Something called Journey. "Every Journey needs a Journal" goes the ad; a long stem rose angled up marks time and events in her career or "journey." How clever. How sickening.

I liked the Journal because it was top-notch in everything it did. Even in the liberally slanted news reporting. It covered everything. Everything you could ever want to know about the world was there. Now it lies there, folded on its back page so I don't have to look at her. I want to read Dorothy Rabinowitz's column on the Nifong-Fitzgerald similarities. But I can't! It's not just her. It's the thought of who's next in this silly Journey campaign? Michael Moore? Jane Fonda? Arlen Spector?

Just tell me who's next on which days so I can avoid running across Sen. Ted Stevens' "journey" by accident and really making a mess of things.

Thank you,
Mike Netherland
Severna Park, MD.

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