Friday, July 13, 2007

Gilchrest Votes Again!

Proving yet again that "our" congressman Wayne Gilchrest represents a grand total of 12 Republicans in Maryland's 1rst Congressional Distrct, he voted, as I expected he would have, with the Democrats in the House. See Michelle Malkin's, column below:
By a vote of 223-201, the House of Representatives passed a surrender timetable that culminates in an April 1, 2008 withdrawal. How appropriate. It’ll be vetoed, but don’t think our enemies aren’t hearing the defeatist message from the House loud and clear. The Republicans who voted for the measure:Duncan, Emerson, Gilchrest,
Jones (NC)...
I remember thinking on the drive home last night as I listened to the news reports of the House vote "Hmmm I wonder how Wayne-O voted?" What are his options?

1. Aye - Where he continues to beg District 1 Republicans to terminate his Congressional career;
2. Nay - Where he turns into a sheep and follows (most) of the other sheep into the Republican sheep pen.

Neither option is very attractive. However, he is on record as wanting nothing to do with the rest of the Republican caucus. So the former option is the least unattractive. I wonder what his thoughts were?

1. Aye - Where I continue to be counted upon by Liberal Democrats in the House to seal the fate of the GOP in 2008, or;
2. Nay - Look like a fool who doesn't know where he stands. Hmmmmmmmmm.....

But Mike, what about the actual issue of continuing to fund the war in Iraq? Doesn't that count? Isn't it possible that he was actually voting with the best interests of the American people in mind?

If, indeed, Mr. Gilchrest voted with the Democrats because he thought they had in mind the best interests of the security of this country and the stability of the rest of the free world, then he is certifiably insane.

To his dwindling ranks of die-hard supporters, I have to say that I understand if you continue to delude yourselves thusly. But I think you should approach Mr. Gilchrest's political career as a cowboy to his lame horse; with your heart full of love and gratefulness....


Bill netherland said...

Michael's is saterically on the mark. In addition to the Michelle Malkin's column, the vote on the Iraq Pullout Vote was featured in this mornings Washington times.

On the edirorial page of the sane issue, David Limbaugh stated;"It is profoundly disappointing that a growing number of Republicans...have abanded the mission just when it seems we have captured momentum" he then described these folks as these "tired old elephants"

Also right on.
Fear the Sheep!

Bill Netherland
Severna Park, MD

Steve said...

Is this the new strategy of the MDGOP? Republican sheep need only apply.

Mike Netherland said...

If you refer to voters and candidates that hold to conservative Republican values as sheep, then, yes, sheep need only apply.

It's a simple concept, Steve. Even dumb animals get it. Zebra herd together for relative safety. You see a zebra hanging around the lions, do you?

Well, the same applies to political parties. Voters associate themselves with one party or another becasue they assume the share the same values.

It is inherently fraudulent to represent yourself to the voters as a Republican, then when elected to vote against Republican values.