Sunday, July 22, 2007

Harris on HealthCare

About a week before the Clambake, one of the left-wing bloggers tried to take some steam out of the Harris campaign by asserting that he may not be the conservative he claims to be. As proof, they cite his support for the relatively new health insurance scheme signed into law by then Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. So I figured I'd give him a chance to refute this claim or explain why he supported it.

Essentially (I know the audio is bad so I will paraphrase here) Sen. Harris explains that he supported the plan as it was initially drafted by Gov. Romney. Of course, once submitted to the socialists in the Massachusetts legislature many of the desirable elements were cut out and plan became more socialized. He doesn't support the system that Romney, as a Republican governor in a state that just loves Ted Kennedy and John Kerry, was pretty much forced to sign.

What Sen. Harris supports is something more aligned with what we'd expect a conservative statesman to support.

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