Sunday, July 22, 2007

Harris in Crisfield

If I was slightly skeptical before, I am fully convinced now that state Sen. Andrew Harris is the man who will be our next Republican Congressman. Three generations of Netherlands traveled first to Delaware, where we topped off the gas tank, then to Crisfield, MD, site of the annual J. Millard Tawes Crab and Clam Bake. The whole reason for the journey was to interview Sen. Harris, on the video record. Thanks to campaign political director Christopher Meekins who followed through on his promise to allow me to record the interview for the blog.

Thanks to Dad for spotting the water tower! And to my cameraman, Mike Netherland Jr for expert handling of this introductory scene.

I also want to thank Sen. Harris for being such a good sport about finding just the right spot for the interview. There was a lot of funny musical chairs played in order to get the right angle on the water tower. Also for the shouting required to be heard over the incredible noise of the crowd. Now I promise to find either a quieter venue for the next videoblog or some video equipment with an extension microphone capability.

Our first time to the clambake, we had no idea what to expect. Someone said to grab your mug and mallet from the table full of them courtesy of the Crisfield Chamber of Commerce. Wearing our yellow Harris t-shirts, who do we run into first? Susan McConkey and husband Del. Tony McConkey....Gilchrest supporters! Of course he couldn't help calling over his pals, including blogger Brian Griffiths of Pasedena to say 'hey look who showed up wearing a Harris shirt!' But thanks Tony and Susan for getting us started in the Right direction!

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