Sunday, July 22, 2007

Harris -- Fear The Sheep!

More of the interview with State Sen. Andrew Harris. This is the money shot for me; the whole reason for burning $150 worth in regular gasoline, to get the good senator to go on record as being a proud member of the GOP sheep herd that Congressman Gilchrest denigrates on a regular basis. Why do District 1 voters not see this? Why do they continue to tolerate being disenfranchised by a man who takes their Republican campaign funds, endorsements and votes and then votes with the Democrats?


Anonymous said...

Why? Because he can beat whatever challenger the Dems throw at him. Can't say the same for a more Conservative candidate.

Mike Netherland said...

Because the sheep are going to take back their franchise by sending a real Republican, a conservative Republican to Washington.

When Harris defeats the incumbent, he will have done so first by convincing Dist.1 GOP that they have been denied representation for the last eight terms, and second by proving that he is one of us and will add his voice to the reformers from other states.

Harris, the GOP nominee will handily defeat anything the Dems can throw at him\us...(you?)