Sunday, July 22, 2007

Harris -- Energy

Sen. Harris expounds on how and why he differs from the incumbent on U.S. energy policy. Sen Harris obviously wants to lead the nation in the direction of energy independence that doesn't require dotting the landscape with millions of giant windmills, forcing Americans to beat their laundry clean on rocks down by the river, read only during the daylight hours, or all the other cockamamie ideas and practices forced on us by tree-huggers and those spineless, gutless and braindead politicians like Wayne Gilchrest.

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Bill Netherland said...

I've been reading about the annual crabfest at Chrisfield for years. But thid my first visit. A long haul, especially since you have to go thru Delaware, but very,very,very well worth (The three verys are the Nina Totenburg standard of emphasis). This truley shows that Andy Harris is ready!