Saturday, December 01, 2007

Anatomy of a Smear

In the last 24 hours, or there abouts, since my last post, I have heard from a half a dozen members of the State and County GOP. It is becoming clear that there is nothing to rumor that some kind of a coup is afoot to seek the installation of a new State Party chairman. There isn't even a drumbeat. I don't have Al Redmer's e-mail address, but I am sure he would be appalled that his good named is being used to further this rumor.

All we really have is a cadre of disaffected individuals, in and out of elected office and at least one who ran, up until yesterday, a respected Republican blog. Here are a few things to remember when reading certain blogs flogging this rumor:

1. The only way to force a siting chairman to step down is to first notify him in a formal letter that is sent to members of the Executive Committee.
2. The Executive Committee must meet and vote in sufficient majority to replace the sitting chairman with a successor.

The members of the Executive Committee I have heard from have not received a formal letter notifying them that such a vote would take place. Therefore such a vote cannot take place during the current Fall Convention.

Given these simple facts, the notion that a vote to oust Jim Pelura is imminent is ridiculous. That certain Republicans, who have, it seems, given up all hope of ever holding elected office in Maryland would spread such a rumor is saddening.

What, if not a vote during this convention to replace Jim Pelura, do these Republicans have to gain by smearing the good names of Jim Pelura and John Flynn and other principled conservatives? There are plenty of other Republicans out there near and far who are indeed deserving of such treatment. Plenty.

The folks I have spoken with personally have no doubt as to what motivates the current smear-merchants. Vengeance and ideology, it turns out are on their agendas. Those currently on the Executive Committee, privy to embargoed documents such as financial statements, budgets and letters clearly marked "Confidential," seek to replace a principled conservative with a squishy, bring-home-the-bacon moderate. I don't know Mr. Redmer but I'm sure he would resent such a characterization. Also, members of this cadre who are not on the Executive Committee seek to right many perceived wrongs against them, the latest of which involved the unpleasantness on the Anne Arundel State Central Committee, by smearing county conservatives.

If there is a strong and ambitious moderate faction of the party, let them persuade the party faithful that theirs is the best way, seek a mandate in the light of day to lead the party, rather than abducting it in the middle of the night. If they have the courage of their convictions, they should stand up and proudly state their arguments and refutations.

Otherwise, I suggest they go back home, turn their compost heaps, watch a few more hours of Lifetime or Oxygen cable TV programming, sip green tea and put in some time on a Re-Elect Wayne Gilchrest phone bank.

Mike Netherland
Severna Park

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Brian Griffiths said...

It's OK Mike, you can call me out by name if you'd like....

...but I stand by everything that I have said. The record of failure calls for change, particularly on the part of Flynn since he is supposed to be one making sure that the day-to-day operations work properly.